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This is a guest post by Mustaasam Saleem from Cloudways.


Entering the new millennium, concepts of cloud and web applications have made the world of website development more efficient and effective. WordPress is by far one of the best CMS application in the world. Almost 27% of the sites over the Internet are designed on WordPress that’s because WordPress is a user-friendly solution. This significant shift into the digital world has significantly engaged more audience by providing them more efficient solutions in a single instance.


One of the most convenient ways of creating audience engagement on your website is to provide a Live Chat support. It can be a pop-up box that can connect your customer with a support person, or it can simply include an email support or a contact us page that can enable the client to place their particular query. However, the second option is not as feasible as the first because it can delay the process of notifying the support team and your visitor might lose his/her interest in the service or product offered.


Add Live Chat Support in WordPress


While surfing the Internet, you may come across many online businesses providing Live Chat Support to their respective customers. It is not necessary that all website may require a Live Chat Support, but it is a good practice to add one as it may help you in understanding your customers more.


Today, I will guide our readers how they can integrate a live chat support in a WordPress website. There are quite a many services that one can find over the Internet and it can help them incorporate a Live Chat element in their WordPress site; however, in this article, I will use the Live Chat Support offered by Formilla.


Formilla is one of the most widely used plugins giving almost 9000+ active installs. It is entirely compatible with the latest versions of WordPress and quite easy to get acquainted with.


So let’s not waste any more time and start with the installation process!


Step 1: Install Formilla Plugin


From your WordPress Admin Dashboard. Navigate to Plugins -> Add New. Search for “Formilla Live Chat”. Click on Install Now and Activate the plugin.


Search & install Formilla


Once activated, you will see a new label Formilla Chat on the left side of your WordPress Admin Dashboard. Click on it, a new window will appear asking you to enter Chat ID. To do so, you need to have an account on Formilla to connect it with your website. So step right up and click on the Sign-up button.


Sign up Formilla

Step 2: Create Account on Formilla


Next, you need to create an account on Formilla, so that you can control all of your chats. The Signup page will allow you to fill various fields such as Email Address, Passwords, and your website URL.


Create an account on Formilla


Step 3: Connect Formilla with WordPress


After you are done with filling up the signup form, you will receive a confirmation email that your account has now been created. Your Chat ID is also present in that same email.


Receive your Formilla ID through email

Copy this Chat ID and paste it in your WordPress Admin Dashboard -> Formilla Chat.


Copy paste the chat ID


Launch Formilla


Step 4: Verify Formilla Integration


Hurrah! You are now done with the installation. Now visit your website, and you can now see a live chat button located at the bottom right of the screen. Here is, how the default button looks like.


Formilla in action


Just type your message and click on the Start button. The message will be automatically sent to the support team!


Note : 

We tested this plugin on a Managed WordPress Hosting, that uses advanced caching technologies to boost page load performance. While you are planning to shift your hosting provider, you should keep in mind that you will need to clear your cache.


Step 5: Access Formilla Dashboard


To access Formilla Dashboard, visit the official Formilla website and Login. The screenshot below shows how your Formilla Dashboard will appear to people visiting your site. All your live chats will appear here. You can send and receive messages from here to the customers and readers coming to your WordPress website. Not only this but you can also see your visitor’s technical details appearing on the right side of your Formilla Dashboard screen.


Formilla Dashboard


Customizing Formilla Chat


Formilla comes with a default widget area that you can customize in accordance to your preferences. To do so, navigate to Widgets from the left pane, under Actions tab click on the Edit icon. A new window will pop-up where you can make additional changes.


Customizing Formilla chat


In the free version, you can only customize widget details. If you want to access other tabs, then you will need to upgrade your account.




The Agents tab allows you to manage chat agents. By default, Formilla limits you to only ONE agent. If you want to add more, you will have to gain access to the premium version.


Manage agents


Customize Existing Agent


You can also customize and edit existing agents with Formilla. Under the Actions tab on Agents section, click on the Edit icon. From here you can select the email, name, display picture or change settings to accept chat in the form of emails as backups.


Edit an agent


Manage Chat History


Once the chat is closed, Formilla backs up chat transcripts on their server. There is an important search filter, hover your mouse on Inbox tab and select Customer Inbox which allows you to identify the chat box you are looking for.


Manage chat history


Email Templates


By default, Formilla allows you to send out emails automatically when required using Email Templates. You can add, modify or delete these email templates. To access Email Templates, hover your mouse on the Inbox option and select Email Templates.


Email templates




So is that all what Formilla offers? Not really. Formilla provides you an additional feature called Reports, from where you can check your chat reports. You can filter conversations according to Browser, Operating System, Screen Resolution, etc. You just need to navigate to the Reports section from the left pane to access chat reports.


Chart reports




So that will be all folks… Today, we have learned how one can Add Live Chat Support to their WordPress website using the Formilla plugin. But, don’t forget, not all websites needs a live chat support. It is suggested only when you are selling a product or a service. So that, your visitors can engage with a live person for their small and instant queries.


If you have any question or recommendation, you can mention by using the comments section below.


About The Author

Mustaasam Saleem is the WordPress Community Manager at Cloudways (A Managed WordPress Hosting Cloud Platform). He actively shares what he knows about WordPress in the Community. When he is not working behind his computer screen, you can find him playing squash with his friends. Connect with Mustaasam via @MustaasamSaleem.

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