10 Smart Chrome Extensions That Accelerate Your Email Outreach

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This is a guest post by Michael Quoc from Dealspotr.


Email outreach can be tricky. Finding contacts and crafting the perfect message requires fine-tuning, along with time and patience. When you consider that the average business person receives nearly 100 emails a day, your message is bound to get lost in the shuffle.  


Google Chrome extensions can assist your email outreach in a number of ways. By combining Chrome and Gmail, email-focused extensions deliver speedy outreach solutions that boost efficiency and help maximize response to each campaign.


But which extensions are the best when it comes to list building, composing an email and following-up? Here are 10 that made the cut.


Build outreach lists with the click of a button


List building can be one of the most time-consuming parts of outreach. Hunter is an extension that lists all email addresses from any website, without having to scour the full page. It also gives you the most common pattern of email addresses for that site – for example, {first}{last}@twitter.com.


Hunter app outreach list


Hunter’s true optimization lies in LinkedIn searches. I did a sample search for people who work at Twitter. Without even clicking the Hunter extension, I already see a box on each result allowing me to save contact info as a lead.


Hunter app screen


When I click on the extension, I get a shortened list of names and email addresses that I can check or uncheck.


Once you click “Find Email Addresses and Save Leads,” all selected email addresses are imported into a list on Hunter’s main site.


Hunter app screenshot


It’s here where you can manage your list of leads, verify email addresses, and export data into a CSV file.


Get Hunter on the Chrome Web Store.


Catch grammar mistakes before you send that email


When attempting to build a new relationship with a contact, the first thing they usually receive from you is an email. And when that email includes grammar mistakes and typos, it could cost you the relationship.


Another set of eyes helps. While the spell check function takes care of most spelling errors, Grammarly helps with the less-obvious grammar mistakes.


Grammarly app


Where the extension is supported, you’ll see a small Grammarly logo appear in any text field on that site. I tried it with Gmail.


Grammarly app suggestions


When it finds an error, the Grammarly logo (located here in the bottom right) turns red. You can then click the button and a Grammarly module pops up with suggestions:


Grammarly app shot


It not only explains the issue, but also outlines why this is a grammatical error and how to fix it. I simply click on the suggested word in green to replace my mistake.


Going beyond a traditional spell checker, Grammarly also catches words that are used in the wrong context, fixes subject-verb agreement issues, and edits modifier placement and article use.


Get Grammarly on the Chrome Web Store.


Send mass email campaigns within your Gmail inbox


Large email outreach campaigns are necessary for many companies, but outgoing email limits on Gmail make this nearly impossible – not to mention going back and forth between your Gmail template and spreadsheet of email addresses.


GMass works inside of Gmail to send mass emails either to lists created in Google Sheets, or manual lists created using Gmail’s search function.


Gmass app


When you connect your account to GMass, you can then link to an existing sheet and extract email addresses, name fields, and other info. Now you can run mail merge campaigns, draft and schedule follow-up emails and track opens and clicks.


Another thing – GMass isn’t only for crazy big email campaigns. You know that (totally obvious) trick where you want to send one message to a small group of people and you don’t want the others to know it was a group email? Usually, you would send the email to yourself and then BCC all the other recipients. GMass adds a button, right next to the send button, that does this for you.


Get GMass on the Chrome Web Store.


Sign off with a memorable, customized email signature


With email being rather impersonal by nature, signatures have become a way for professionals to quickly introduce themselves and put a face to the Arial text we so often read throughout our day. An easy way to do that is to create a custom signature with Wisestamp.


With their handy signature builder, you can add your contact info, social media links and a friendly picture to the end of every email.


The app starts by asking what industry/purpose you’re creating the signature for (for example, I chose marketing) and you’ll go from there.


Wisestamp app


With the free edition, you can only make a basic signature. But a Pro account gives you access to multiple templates and styles, and allows you to add features like random quotes, a YouTube video, or your latest Tweet. Install the extension here, and sign up for better sign-offs.


Get Wisestamp on the Chrome Web Store.


Organize and track client emails along your sales pipeline within Gmail


Streak, a CRM tool, snowballs a lot of customer relationship management tools into one handy Chrome extension. For the purposes of this article, we’ll focus on its email capabilities.


Streak app screenshot


Streak helps you customize and send a mail merge and then organizes the results in Gmail. You can share emails with members of your “team,” turn an email into a to-do item, and color-coordinate your email conversations based on where they fit along your sales pipeline – from leads to closed deals.


Streak app shot


Install Streak, and it will alert you every time an email is read while recording this info in a timeline. With an upgraded plan, it shows you who read the email, when and where it was read, and what device was used to open the message. You can also tell if your email was forwarded and opened by others.


Get Streak on the Chrome Web Store.


Turn Gmail into a task manager to organize & prioritize


When your email inbox is flooded with spam and promotional messages, it can be hard to separate out the emails you actually need to respond to. ActiveInbox turns your inbox into a task manager – you can assign each email a particular task and due date so that you know what do with it in the future.


In this example, I set this email from ActiveInbox as due today:


active inbox


When I head back to my inbox, it’s listed as a task that needs completing, rather than an email that needs responding to. The company says that “emails aren’t letters, they’re badly formatted tasks” – and ActiveInbox can manage them all. Check out the extension here.


Get ActiveInbox on the Chrome Web Store.


Follow up on outreach, websites, and important emails


FollowUp is another extension that will turn your Gmail inbox into a task manager of sorts, but with a focus on following up on email tasks.


followup app


While there are many other extensions that manage this, FollowUp has a cleaner interface and a super easy scheduler. There’s also an auto follow-up option, for those who like to set it and forget it.


An interesting feature of this extension is that if you have a follow-up message scheduled for a certain email address, and then that contact emails you back before it goes out, it cancels the follow-up email task.


And it’s not just emails that you can follow up on.


follow up acreenshot


You’ll also be able to use the extension while browsing around the web as a sort of bookmark, but with a reminder to “follow up” on this page at a certain date or time. You can use FollowUp free for 14-days.


Get FollowUp on the Chrome Web Store.


Reduce time spent writing emails by creating keyboard shortcuts


A surefire way to waste time while emailing is typing out the same thing over and over again in your responses. Auto Text Expander might be the least aesthetically pleasing extension on the list, but it can be a real time saver by adding customized shortcuts to your keyboard.


Say you have to type out your company’s description in many of the emails you send. Just create a description on the Auto Text Expander site, and hit “save.”


auto text expander


For example, every time I need to write out that same info in an email, I just type DS into my email body and the text pops up immediately (so fast, I can’t even take a screenshot of the process).


The best part? The extension isn’t limited to Gmail. Use it to quickly fill out contact info or submission forms on the web – it even supports HTML. Get the extension and give your fingers a break.


Get Auto Text Expander on the Chrome Web Store.


Visually track your opened emails with a glance at your inbox


If you’re interested in instantly knowing when a message has been opened and read, Mailtrack is the extension for you. With the sole purpose of tracking emails, Mailtrack adds a visual element to your inbox to let you know at a glance if and when the message is read.


When the extension is installed, sent email will look like this (note the single check mark):


mailtrack app


Once it’s read, you are notified in a few different ways. One is email…


mailtrack screen shot


Via push notification…


mailtrack push


Or right in your inbox (note that both checks are now green).


mailtrack email


Mailtrack tells you if your emails have been opened, when they were read, and if they were reopened for more evaluation. You can satisfy your need for reads with the extension.


Get Mailtrack on the Chrome Web Store.


Import LinkedIn and social media info for any contact in your address book


Email addresses, while often clever, rarely give you a great insight into the person behind the thumbnail-sized avatar. With Rapportive, the stalker in you will be pleased at the amount of professional info about your client returned right in your Gmail inbox.


rapportive app


In the midst of a particular email conversation, the extension launches a module that autofills your contact’s LinkedIn info. And it’s not just on Gmail – Rapportive will help you cultivate relationships with MailChimp, CrunchBase, and the like.


You can get Rapportive for free, or download LinkedIn’s all-in-one CRM extension Sales Navigator for a more business-minded approach.


Get Rapportive on the Chrome Web Store.


Save Time and Effort With These Extensions


Try one or all of these 10 extensions to make your email marketing and outreach nearly effortless.


Is there an extension not mentioned here that you find particularly useful? We’d love to hear about it.



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