8 Simple Methods To Drive More Sales For The Holidays

By     June 22, 2019   Marketing    Advertising Disclosure

The holiday season is always…uneasy.


You don’t know if sales are going to boom. Or, if they’re going to plummet.


Which means at the time of year you should be spending enjoying yourself, you’re not.


Instead you’re worrying and working long days and trying to figure out how to eek every last cent out of your site.


This year, it’s time for that to stop.


In this article you’re going to learn eight simple ways that you can boost your sales, and generate more long-term buzz about your site. Putting your mind at ease, and making sure you have the best Holiday season ever.


Ready? Let’s go…


#1: Get A Guest Blog Residency


The holidays are a quiet time for bloggers. The amount of content they write drops off, and they’re happier to ‘coast’ for a little while.


So why not find a blog (or magazine) in your niche and offer to create content for them over the holidays?


Get A Guest Blog Residency


It could be one post a week. Or, you can do what Jon Morrow did at Copyblogger and blog every day for five days straight.


Not only are you helping someone and building a network, you’re getting the undivided attention of someone’s audience. Plus, a few ‘trusted’ links back to your site in the eyes of Google.


#2: Flash Sales


If you’ve never heard of a Flash Sale, here’s what it is:


"A short period (24-36 hours) where people can buy your products at a discount price"


You can do this for any kind of product you own and can sell. From courses to eBooks and shoes to cutlery.


Do A Flash Sale


Try promoting your fan favourite product at a reduced rate. Or, your throw in ‘extra’ products when they buy it.


#3: Offer A Delivery Guarantee


What’s your biggest worry when you’re buying a present online?


It’s not going to arrive in time.


Nobody likes being told that they aren’t going to get to give (or receive) a present all because their delivery times were off.


So why not provide your customers with a guarantee that if they order by X or Y, they’ll get it on Z, with no fuss.


You only really need to ring your delivery company to find this out. But when it comes to someone looking to buy from multiple site, this simple guarantee is a big benefit that could close the deal for you.


#4: Discount Codes


Everyone loves a discount code.


It’s like having a cheat code that actually works in real life. And saves you money.


In fact, I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on independant retail sites, like P&Co, because they share codes like this one on Instagram:


Offer Seasonal Discount Code


You can combine this code with a flash sale. Or, create a whole holiday-themed code around it.


Better still, you could create the code as an email list sign up, where people get the code delivered to their inbox when they sign up.


#5: Run A Themed Competition


Social Media Competitions are a great way to generate buzz around your site. But, they can also be a great way to drive sales too.


The smart guys over at WishPond outlined 12 awesome ways you can boost sales with competitions for the holidays. Here they are in short:


  1. Caption competition
  2. Vote competition
  3. Instagram Photo Contest
  4. Refer a friend
  5. Group coupons
  6. Sweepstakes
  7. Essay Contest
  8. Photo contest
  9. Music contest
  10. Pin it to win it contest
  11. Video contest
  12. Coupons


These all work because they are engaging. They get visitors spreading word of mouth. And, most importantly, converting into customers.


Caption this image in the comments to see exactly what I mean:


Caption Competition


#6: Look For Holiday Themed SEO Opportunities


You’ve probably updated your site to a more holiday themed look, haven’t you? But the content on your site is still exactly the same.


But because Google and other search engines can’t see images, that doesn’t mean anything in terms of your search results.


Instead, because people’s search habits change over Christmas, you need to update your content to match it, too.


For example, if you sell running accessories, you’d be better building some content around “Good gifts for runners” or “Christmas ideas for marathon runners”. Giving yourself the opportunity to rank for some sexy new short-term keywords off the back of the SEO you’ve already built.


#7: Email List Only Offers


There’s a saying that my first ever business mentor taught me a long time ago:


"It’s easier to keep a customer then it is to get a new one"


Which means it’s not only important to look for new sales for the holidays, it’s important to keep your existing customers happy and engaged to.


After all, if you’ve got 1000 or more email subscribers, there are a lot of people there who are more than prepared to buy from you again.


So give them a little treat by giving them a loyalty gift, or a christmas only offer that is exclusive to people on your mailing list.


It may only account for a small percentage of income now. But, in the future, it’s something that they’ll remember, and associate with your customer experience.


#8: Create A 12 Days Of Christmas Course


You know the song, right?


On the first day of christmas, my true love gave to me…


And so on and so forth, up until the 12th day of Christmas.


If you’re a blogger or run an entire online-only business, this is a great little idea to generate more interest (and more sales) in the run up to Christmas.


Take one of the big questions in your niche, and create a free email or video course that will help them answer it 12 days all on their own.


And, promote your products in those emails to help them get the answers even quicker (whether you do that at a discount is up to you).


Don’t Leave It Up To Santa…


You can’t control whether people buy or not. But, you can do everything in your power to make sure that you give yourself the best opportunity to close deals and make sales.


The jolly fat man in a suit isn’t going to do it, it’s down to you.


So, which of these methods are you going to choose? Let me know in the comments…



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