1Password Black Friday Sale 2020

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1Password Black Friday Deals 2020 - Here Soon!

Ready your wallet for big discounts! See our Black Friday page for more ongoing sales right now!


Psst, know what’s coming up?


Sure you do, you saw the title. Black Friday 2020 is right around the corner and that means that we can expect some dazzling discounts off some amazing brands!


Brands like 1Password. In their words: ‘the world’s most-loved password manager’.


And when we remember 1Password’s 2019 Black Friday promotions, we’re definitely excited to see what they’ve got in store for us this year!


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* Unlimited passwords, items, and 1GB storage!
** Subscription is billed annually at $59.88/yr


First-time users could sign up to get an awesome 50% off of their first year’s subscription. This brought the monthly cost from $2.99 to $1.50!


However, whilst some brands keep their Black Friday deals up across a period of time – 1Password’s 2019 deals were only up for grabs for one day – Black Friday itself.


1Password Black Friday Deals – Details


  • Discount: 50% OFF
  • Subscription period: 12 months
  • Discounted price: $1.50 /mo
  • Regular price: $2.99 /mo
  • Start date: 29th Nov 2020 00:00 PT
  • End date: 29th Nov 2020 23:59 PT
  • Full details: Learn more



* Unlimited passwords, items, and 1GB storage!
** Subscription is billed annually at $59.88/yr


Why Use A Password Manager?


If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve started considering getting a password manager for yourself or your family. It’s definitely worth remembering why getting a GREAT password manager is so important.


Reality is, most people don’t take passwords seriously enough.


One study found that 52% of people are guilty of reusing or only slightly modifying passwords across platforms like shopping websites and email.


Unfortunately, everytime there’s a big data breach, your sensitive information can be put at risk. The same study also found that a guessing algorithm can crack more than 16 million password pairs within just 10 guesses. Scary huh!


It’s obvious that most people need to consider more secure methods to manage their passwords.


Why Go With 1Password?


Easy – 1Password is one of the most reliable password managers out there.


First off, they’re headquartered in Toronto, Canada – a country well known for its stringent privacy laws.


Second, they really go all-out with their security features! We’re talking:


  • 256-bit End-to-End Encryption
  • 2-Factor Authentication
  • Master Password with PBKDF2 combined with a Secret Key
  • Auto-Lock when devices go into sleep mode or at selected intervals
  • Phishing protection
  • Biometric access for mobile devices


On top of that, 1Password is one of the very few password managers that’s NEVER had their data breached before!


As if that’s not enough – they make password security just really damn easy. Easy set-up and easy importing of passwords and logins.


You can read more information in our full in-depth review of 1Password here.


Secure Your Logins with 1Password on Black Friday 2020


There’s truly no better time in the year to secure your passwords and keep your sensitive information safe. 1Password is your best bet to do so.


So make sure you take advantage of these Black Friday promotions before they disappear – blink and you’ll miss it!



* Unlimited passwords, items, and 1GB storage!
** Subscription is billed annually at $59.88/yr



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