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Host: Cooperativa Telefnica y Otros Servicios deVilla Ge 

This server responds faster than 64% of the Alexa top 10,000 global sites question-mark-icon

Response Times question-mark-icon

US (W)US (E)LondonSingaporeSao Paulo
11 ms57 ms136 ms202 ms165 ms
254 ms177 ms311 ms
Performance question-mark-iconB
10/13/2016 11:25am GMT


Explanation of Results


  1. This test shows the response time of your web hosting. This is different from the load time of your webpage. The load time of your webpage depends on several factors, including its code, caching, content delivery system and more. The response time of your web hosting depends on the quality of its network and hardware. Ultimately, server response time is the foundation of your website’s speed. According to Google, a server response speed of 200 ms is your goal. Learn more about how our Server Speed Checker works.

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    After we’ve captured your server response time from our testing servers, we benchmark the average of your results against Google’s recommendation – 200ms – and assign a rating to it.The map at the right hand side shows the whereabouts of our testing servers. Click on it for a larger map.

  5. In using Bitcatcha Server Speed Checker, the ideal rating is B+ and above. At minimum it should be C+. Due to the nature of how computer networking works, the test depends largely on network stability across the globe, which means the result can vary at different times because it’s almost impossible for a network to be 100 percent stable. We encourage you to repeat the test at various times to see the difference it makes.

  7. If your rating has not improved to at least C+ after a few tests, we suggest you review the locations where your server performs poorly. If your targeted audience is not in the affected locations, this issue probably won’t matter. Otherwise user experience will suffer when your website loads slowly at those locations. This may results in a loss of users and sales. In that case we strongly suggest you switch host providers to one who performs better in the affected locations. For more alternatives, check out these tips to speed up your server.