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tl;dr is convenient, easy to use, and driven by the GPT-3 language model. Yet not all AI-content generators are created equal, and this one feels slightly lacking. Learn more. Review: 7 Pros & 4 Cons of Using


Timothy Shim
May 25, 2024 is the latest addition to an expanding list of artificial intelligence (AI) writing tools. Not just for run-of-the-mill content, though. The service is smart enough to distinguish between content intent such as slogans, marketing copy, or even punchy headlines. can be an excellent way for busy marketers and small business owners to get more out of their time and money when creating content for their businesses or websites. The critical question is, “how effectively?”



7 Things We Liked About Copy AI


1. It has a simple interface that’s easily understood


copy ai main interface’s simple interface is easy to understand and use.’s user-friendly interface makes it simple enough so that most people can pick things up quickly. It follows a widely-accepted web service style, with a navigation menu on the left and workspace on the right.


I dare say that even if you don’t read the documentation, you’ll be able to run through the options and get started quickly. For example, once you log in to your account, a “Get Started” bar lets you pick a template and move immediately.


Even if you’re freestyling, the quick options on the left navigation bar let you quickly swap between various content types. I found that an excellent way to run through the different capabilities of this AI content generator quickly.



2. Includes a decent text editor


copy ai text editor

Writing tools are quite rudimentary but enough to get the job done. doesn’t just churn out content but lets you actively work with whatever comes out of the system. The editor looks and feels like a slightly different version of Google Docs, which is far simpler than Microsoft Word. This online editor will feel like a second home if you’re used to blog-style content management systems.


The most important part of this editor is that it allows you to work seamlessly within the ecosystem. No swapping in and out of various windows is necessary at all. Once your final copy is ready, just cut and paste where it needs to go.



3. Create multiple content types with templates


You can use to create multiple content types, including marketing copy, Instagram post captions, social media posts, long-form content, etc. While the average Joe might not realize the difference between these, experienced copywriters will.


The point to note here is that you can focus on creating high-quality content for your company or clients. That will make life easier (and cheaper) instead of worrying about the tedious processes of hiring writers, managing freelancers, and constantly revising content work.


Here are some of the templates available:


  • Sales copy
  • Digital Ad copy
  • Social Media content
  • Blog Tools
  • Emails/Letters


Each template also allows you to select a specific format for greater precision. For example, Sales Copy offers formats including AIDA, Feature to Benefits, PAS, etc. You don’t have to be an expert marketer to use these tried-and-tested formulas.



4. You can style content to specific tones


copy ai colour tone function

Tell what tone of voice to use when creating content.


In addition to gearing the content towards specific use cases, you can also tell to write in a tone of voice that suits your purpose. For example, a knowledge-heavy article can be done in a professional tone, while entertaining social media content might be humorous or persuasive.


Although this feature isn’t unique to, I find that the output produced here is recognizably unique. Here’s an example of a paragraph generated in two tones of voice:


  • Professional
    Fruits contain high amounts of the natural vitamins and fibers the human body needs daily. They are also rich in antioxidants, which help protect our bodies against damage from free radicals.
  • Relaxed
    Fruits are an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. They also contain high amounts of the natural sugars the human body needs daily. This can help you maintain a healthy weight and have more energy throughout the day.



5. AIDA and PAS frameworks supported


While I mentioned AIDA and PAS briefly above, a special mention is necessary for these choices. Both are highly recognized formulas in the fields of marketing. They’ve proven to be workable tactics and are in wide use.


The PAS framework helps create landing pages that increase conversion rates through website optimization methods such as page layout design, form placement, and headlines. That means you can essentially use to build all the content you need for your website.


The AIDA model (standing for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action) is a guide for marketers when creating emails, ads, or any form of marketing content to help them understand what the consumer wants from their product so they can give it to them in a way that will be most effective at getting results.


Both of these frameworks can be invaluable for business users.



6. Useful tutorials in the help center


copy ai help center

The help center is well-structured and designed to guide the user journey. provides access to a help center that contains tutorials on using its product and information about pricing, plans, and discounts available for new customers. The tutorials are thorough, easy-to-understand guides that explain everything from how the system works to specific content types.


They also show you how other people have used for practical purposes, like business presentations or school projects. I especially like the Tips section that helps guide users on improving the system’s potential.


If you feel there’s a feature missing that would be helpful, hit the link to their “Feature Requests” and let them know what it might be.



7. Easy content sharing


Once has generated the copy you want, you can use the same unique link to share it with others. You can send this link to your clients, team members, friends, and family members. This feature is handy for those who may need more input on the content.


Honestly, this isn’t an earth-shattering, game-changing feature. I like this easy content sharing because keeps everything within its ecosystem. Call it a one-stop content production shop. There’s nothing more annoying than working with a dozen open windows just to get one thing accomplished.


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4 Things I Disliked About Copy AI


1. May lag while generating content


If you have a large project and need to generate many results, will likely not be the best choice for you. Building content may take longer, mainly if you use smaller section generators like “Bullet Point to Blog Section.”


While most content generators will have this lag (it takes time to process the input), I noticed timings slightly longer on There is also a noticeable longer lag when generating content it struggles with, leading to thoughts of “oh-oh” sometimes hovering in my mind.



2. Highly random content sometimes appears


In most instances, the content built by is all right. However, I noticed a tendency for things to sometimes turn awkward. The problem is that this awkward content insertion is highly random, and if you aren’t paying attention might slip past you.


I’m a professional writer and reviewing out of my interest in this technology. Because of this, I could easily catch the strange content produced. However, I can easily see a business owner generating a ton of content, then simply copying and pasting it onto a website. That could be disastrous if not caught.



3. It needs lots of fact-checking


Be prepared to do a lot of fact-checking, especially if you’re writing a business article. This area displeases me most about Even if you provide it with precise guidelines, it can produce incorrect information.


Some of the few particular times it occurs are apparently where event dates come into play. For example, attempting to generate content on “Americas Cup Winners 2021” led to many incorrect dates, names, and even prize amounts.



4. Building long-form copy can be frustrating


copy ai blog generator

The blog generator’s ability to create talking points is highly questionable. has a “Blog Post Wizard” that supposedly helps you create an entire article. This feature sounds good in theory, but it has a long way to go before being effective. Even considers this a Beta feature, meaning it’s still undergoing testing.


It works by you providing a title and some keywords that will help generate an outline. After that, you can ask to rebuild as many major points as necessary. Once you agree on those points, will attempt to generate “Talking Points” for each item.


Sadly, this is where things often start to go wrong. More than half the time, the talking points are entirely random. Regenerating talking points for an entire article will take you significant time. Using the bullet point to paragraph generator and slowly building the article from scratch would be far more effective. At the least, that will be less frustrating.



How We Tested Copy AI


Before we jump into the tests below, I want to reinforce the concept. While AI content generators try to be perfect, they are nowhere near. Because of this, you may see some strange things appear in the tests since I’m showing verbatim what the AI produces.


Take the content with a pinch of salt and remember, you can simply regenerate any content that you feel isn’t right.


1. Social media launch post


What I provided to


What are the main points you want to cover?




1. Effortless content creation
2. Save time and money
3. Handles any kind of content


Build anticipation / new launch / what’s coming’s response:


The content creation tool that makes it easy to create high-quality, original content in less time and for less money.


With, you can create any kind of content — blog posts, emails, social media posts, and more — with just a few clicks. The software is intuitive and easy to use, so no matter what kind of writing you do or how much time or money you have on hand, will help you make your business soar!



2. Google descriptions


What I provided to


Product/Brand Name:


Describe your product:
Content creation tool that makes it easy to create high-quality, original content in less time and for less money.


Choose a tone:
Professional’s response:


Option 1
Create “original copy” in 10x less time while saving money.


Option 2
Save Time And Money. Easy-To-Use AI Powered Content Creation Tool


Option 3
Create Your Own Content the Easy Way.



3. Love letter


What I provided to


Who is the message for?


What is the occasion?
Her 30th birthday


Choose a tone:
Friendly’s response:


I wanted to start preparing for your 30th birthday party that you will never forget by writing you a love letter. I will cherish it forever and know how lucky I am to have such a caring, sweetheart as my husband. I love you so much!


Editor’s comment:
This is one of the incidents where strange things happen on The message is supposed to be for a female (Michelle), but the copy created addresses it to “my husband”.



4. Sales copy (AIDA)


What I provided to


Product/Brand Name:


Describe your product:
Content creation tool that makes it easy to create high-quality, original content in less time and for less money.


Choose a tone:
Persuasive’s response:


Even if you can’t hire a writer, you can still create great content.


You’ll get original content every time that’s always perfectly optimized for what your customers want to achieve.


It’s designed to give you the greatest return for your investment on any budget, with multiple plans to choose from so everyone can find something that works for them.


Sign up today and get started.



5. Sales copy (PAS)


What I provided to


Product/Brand Name:


Describe your product:
Content creation tool that makes it easy to create high-quality, original content in less time and for less money.


Choose a tone:
Persuasive’s response:


They say that content is king. So why do you have a limited budget and a limited amount of time to create high-quality, original content?


Our software is here to help with both. Create content for your website, landing page, or blog in minutes, not hours – with the ability to make it sound like a human wrote it.


You can also easily get native-level foreign language translations – all from one place, and for one great price.


See what Copy can do for you today!



6. Explain like I’m 5


What I provided to


What would you like to simplify?
Affinity fraud refers to investment scams that prey upon members of identifiable groups, such as religious or ethnic communities, the elderly, or professional groups. The fraudsters who promote affinity scams frequently are – or pretend to be – members of the group. They often enlist respected community or religious leaders from within the group to spread the word about the scheme, by convincing those people that a fraudulent investment is legitimate and worthwhile. Many times, those leaders become unwitting victims of the fraudster’s ruse.’s response:


There is a kind of fraud where criminals trick people into giving them their money. They trick people by pretending to be members of groups that are respected. They convince leaders of those groups to help them.



Copy AI Plans and Pricing


How Much Does Copy AI Cost?


Specifications Free Plan Pro Plan
No. credit per month 10 Unlimited
Blog Wizard tool Yes Yes
90+ copywriting tools Yes Yes
25+ languages Yes Yes
Priority support No Yes
Email Support Yes Yes
Lastest features access No Yes
Premium community No Yes
Price /mo* $0 $35
Full details
* Price is based on a 12-month subscription rate.’s pricing plans are straightforward. Everything starts with a free plan that includes ten credits. You get complete access to all tools, but you aren’t likely to get far with only those ten credits.


Their paid plan is titled “Pro” and available for $49/mo. Prices drop to $35/mo if you’re willing to pre-pay for an annual subscription. You get everything in the free plan plus priority support. Pro plan users also get to try all new features first.


There is also an enterprise plan available for larger companies. That includes everything in the Pro plan plus some collaboration features. Pricing isn’t publicized but will likely depend on the volume of users you have.



How Does Copy AI compare to Jasper AI? and provide almost identical services – at least on the surface. However, after testing both, the subtle differences prompt me to recommend as the better alternative. These differences are essential if you intend to use either platform for business.


jasper ai plans and pricing

Jasper AI plans and pricing feels more professional, and the content produced is simply more accurate in comparison. occasionally has random (and entirely wrong) content, whereas is mostly reasonably correct.


I also feel that Jasper’s templates are more finely-tuned than even as they try to accomplish the same thing. For example, includes a template to “Explain it like I’m 5.” In contrast, the Jasper option lets you select the audience’s age range.


There are only two areas that I feel Jasper loses out to – pricing and ease of use. The former is something you can’t work around. Only you can decide if Jasper is worth its heftier price tag.


Although can feel more complex, more comprehensive tutorials make up for this. The inclusion of video guides can be a significant influencing factor here.


Check out our full Jasper review for more details.



Bonus Tips To Use Copy AI More Effectively


Lastly – here are some tips that I’ve learnt out of my own experience to help you get the most out of


1. Use longer prompts


When you’re using to make a copy, you can set the prompt for the copy text. The prompt is the question or idea you want your audience to think about when they read your copy. Try:


  1. Longer prompts or more than one prompt to get better results.
  2. More specific or personal prompts.
  3. Prompts that are more relevant to what’s happening in their lives (e.g., if it’s the holiday season).
  4. Include more details or be more precise.



2. Don’t use the same template repeatedly


You should also avoid using the same template for different problems, customers, projects, and audiences. For example, if you’re trying to build content for a travel website, don’t choose a template designed for another purpose altogether.


Each type of audience will have its own needs and wants in terms of tone, voice, and subject matter—which means that each situation requires its own set of wordsmithing skills. Thankfully, caters to this – for example, by selecting a tone of voice. Make sure to use the features at your disposal.



3. Use Copy AI as a starting point


Once you’ve used to create a base copy, you can edit and customize it as necessary. I highly recommend doing this since the platform is far from ideal. Unfortunately, most AI platforms aren’t at the point where you can simply cut and paste without worrying about the quality (and accuracy) of the content.



4. You can juggle sections around lets you easily drag and drop sections to structure your article. This feature works in real-time, so you can see what your content will look like as you go along. Once the outline is precisely the way you want it, you can move to talking point generation.


Even when everything is complete, remember that you don’t have to use the default structure of introduction, body, and conclusion. Instead, you can rearrange the sections by dragging them around.



5. Expand content with “More Like This”


Generated content on can be extended. If you read some generated content you like, click on “More Like This” to let know that’s the train of thought to follow. However, while this feature is useful, it’s another that could use some slight improvements.



Conclusion: Who Can Benefit From Using Copy AI?


Again we encounter another tool meant to make life easier. I agree that AI content could be extremely helpful, especially for small businesses or blogs. Hiring a copywriter can be time-consuming and expensive – two deadly dangers to small businesses.


Strangely enough, can serve another unlikely market – content producers themselves. While it can’t replace their skills, using does somewhat help to alleviate writer’s block. It worked for me, as an example.


Key Features

  • ✓ 90+ copywriting tools
  • ✓ 25+ languages
  • ✓ Priority support
  • ✓ Unlimited runs
  • ✓ Premium community

Recommended For

  • • Small business owners
  • • eCommerce businesses
  • • Freelancers
  • • Bloggers


GET COPY.AI @ 33% OFF (FOR $35/MO)

* Price is based on a 12-month subscription rate.
** 7-day money back guaranteed!



Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is used for? is an intelligent assistant for creating online content. It helps everyone from small businesses to large enterprises produce more compelling articles, social media posts, blog posts, etc.


2. What is an AI copywriter?


An AI copywriter is a software program that uses AI to create content for your website or social media pages. The program learns what works and what doesn’t, then uses this information to write better-performing content than humans can do on their own.


3. Which is better, or is a much more advanced tool than, but it’s also more expensive. Jasper AI pushes the envelope of AI features to the next level, allowing you to do more than produce content. For example, it can check the weather or local times.


4. Will AI replace copywriters?


The question of whether AI will replace copywriters is a complex one. There is no doubt that technology exists to create content with increasingly good quality. However, I feel that AI engines are simply not sufficiently advanced – yet.


5. How do I delete my account?


To delete your account, you need to send an email to a specific email account – [email protected]. No option allows you to cancel your account from within your subscription dashboard.


6. Does paraphrase?


The core purpose of is to generate unique content. All the data runs through a deep machine learning model to ensure that your article remains unique. However, there is an included paraphrase tool called “Sentence Rewriter.”


7. Is free? has a free plan option limited to 10 credits per month. The free plan is sufficient for testing the tool, but any real use would require an upgrade to their paid version that is billable monthly or annually.



Overall Rating

rated 5 out of 5rated 5 out of 5rated 5 out of 5rated 5 out of 5rated 5 out of 5

Feature Highlights

Wizard Tool

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  • * Price based on 12mo sub
  • • 7-days 100% money back guarantee

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