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Jasper AI Review: 8 Pros & 4 Cons of Using Jasper AI


Timothy Shim
April 14, 2024 (formerly Jarvis) is an artificial intelligence platform designed to help you create content. It works with masses of data, and an algorithm scrambles and re-assembles content related to the input you provide. While isn’t unique, its creators have built impressive features that you won’t easily find elsewhere. We’ll be reviewing them today!


The basic premise is to provide a topic and some keywords. will then process a variety of data sources and return a list of relevant concepts. You can then select the ideas you want to use, and will help you create content based on those concepts.



8 Things We Love About Jasper AI


1. Jasper can help churn out content quickly is a content creation platform that can help you create high-quality content in minutes. With its easy-to-use interface, you can create content for your blog, website, or social media accounts in mere minutes.


There are various aspects of Jasper that help with this, and you can combine the use of the multiple tools. For example, you can use a template or recipe to get started. You also have access to guided content creation, automated content production, and more within those (more on this later on).


Jasper template preview

A glance at some of Jasper’s templates.


As a writer, I cover many topics ranging from the definition of web server 400 error status codes to the care and breeding of hamsters. Naturally, experience and research skills help me do that. With Jasper, you can do almost the same.


Once you master the Jasper interface and how it works, you’ll be mass-producing content for whatever purpose you want at the speed of light.



2. Meet Command – Jasper’s most powerful asset


One of the most formidable assets in Jasper’s arsenal is the Command feature. This allows you to issue commands to through a natural language interface. This definition may sound strange for a content generator, but it’s accurate.


Jasper Command feature


When I first started using Jasper Commands to create content, I felt it was a complicated means of getting the job done. After all, Jasper already provides templates, content extension tools, and more.


Then I discovered that Jasper Commands works like an AI Assistant in some ways. Sure, I could ask Jasper to create content. But I could also ask Jasper for Google’s address, the weather in New York, and anything else.


It stops short of doing real things like toggling smart switches in my home (like Google Assistant can via Google Home), but you get a general idea. To use Jasper Commands, you need to type what you need from Jasper, then hit the CTRL-Enter keys.


Here’s an idea of what Jasper Commands look like:


Jasper, What time is it in New York?
The current time in New York is 8:14 PM.


Jasper, write a paragraph about the Blood Orange
The Blood Orange is a type of orange that gets its name from the dark red color of its flesh. It is a hybrid between the tangerine and the navel orange and is thought to have originated in China. The Blood Orange has a sweet and tangy flavor and is a popular ingredient in juices, smoothies, and baked goods.


Jasper, how much does a loaf of bread cost in Ukraine?
A loaf of bread costs about 1.50 Ukrainian hryvnia in Ukraine.


The only downside of Jasper’s Command feature is that it’s only available on the more expensive Boss Mode plan.


As they say, ask, and ye shall receive.



3. There’s lots of flexibility in how you can use Jasper


Jasper's Explain it to a child template

Jasper templates are interesting and often designed to fit unique needs.


Earlier, I mentioned the numerous content creation tools available in Jasper. Because of those tools, you have much leeway in how you want to create content. For example, those who need more hand-holding can use Jasper Recipes.


Jasper Recipes provides the A to Z of everything you’ll need for a guided, step-by-step content creation process. You can use these recipes to create blog posts, Facebook ads, product review articles, etc. Each recipe also includes a video tutorial showing you exactly how it works. recipe

Use a recipe to build targeted content directly.


For those who want a little more leeway, simply fire up the Editor and use one of Jasper’s multiple templates. The name sounds a little misleading. Templates here refer to special building blocks you can use for specific purposes.


Examples of Jasper templates available:


  • Paragraph generator
  • Content improver
  • Blog post topic ideas
  • Blog post outline
  • Google Ads headline
  • Explain it to a child


Many of these templates are highly specific. Take the “Explain it to a child” template, which does as the name implies. I found it practical since I’m often guilty of building overly complex sentences.



* Price starts from $24/mo.



4. Jasper helps with more than blog content


jasper for facebook ads

Jaspers’ expertise extends to various social media platforms.


A common misconception about AI content generators is that it’s all about long-form articles. That means essays, lengthy blog posts, and the like. With Jasper, you can do much more, though. Some parts of Jasper are pretty unique, and of those, the most interesting I found was the sections dealing with social media.


Jasper’s social media tools are great for the less marketing savvy. Just because Facebook ads are short doesn’t mean they’re easy to write. On the contrary, the more limited the content length, the more challenging it is to get your pitch right.


Unlike in the past, getting your voice heard online is more complex than ever. Social media mastery is an excellent catalyst, whether you’re a blogger, business, or freelancer. I’m not fond of social media since it’s not exactly within my sphere of expertise.


Yet Jasper makes it too easy to automate the generation of everything from a Facebook ad headline to Pinterest pin captions. What can I say? I’m a man of too many words, I guess, and needed something like Jasper to summarize my thoughts.


Special mention: For eCommerce business owners


Jasper’s templates extend directly into the eCommerce space. It can help you create amazing content for your products and, in some cases, targets specific platforms like Amazon. There’s so much love given to eCommerce users;


  • Creating SEO-friendly titles and meta descriptions.
  • Converting features to benefits.
  • Improving existing content.


And more!



5. Jasper’s Boss Mode is seriously boss


Those who don’t want to dive deeply into the depths of Jasper recipes and templates can take advantage of Boss Mode. This feature isn’t some shiny jewel but more of a brute force approach toward content creation.


Simply fire up a document, and get to a Google Doc-style page. There are options for you to enter a topic, keywords, and other details on the left of the screen. If you want, you can simply ignore them.


Jasper Boss Mode


Boss Mode allows you to start the content by typing a paragraph or even a title. Once you give Jasper that lead, hitting the Ctrl-J keys will churn out related content. It will produce around a paragraph’s worth of text.


You can keep hitting the Ctrl-J keys as long as you wish. Jasper will simply churn out more and more text each time. What a way to write, eh? Personally, I think the most amazing thing about this feature is how well the content flows between each hit of Ctrl-J. It sounds extremely natural.


Of course, the downside is that forcing Jasper to work with such limited input can mean it runs out of ideas quickly and starts repeating itself or won’t produce more content.



6. Jasper’s content is considerably accurate


While I won’t claim it’s perfect, Jasper’s content generation is quite accurate. That means less time spent on fact-checking since you can reasonably rely on what comes out of the system. I don’t expect perfection from an AI tool, but so far, the mistakes Japer made are far less glaring than on some other AI content generators I’ve tested.


At least it manages to get facts correct most of the time. In contrast, another brand I recently tested was constantly building references to outdated things – for example, defunct services that ceased to exist years ago!


I’ve heard many people say that since most modern AI content generators run on GPT3, they’re almost identical in capability. I can tell you with great confidence that isn’t the case. Not all GPT3 systems are equal.



7. There’s native support for Grammarly


I’ve tested many AI writing tools over the past year, and to date, Jasper is the only one I’ve found that natively supports Grammarly. For those who have yet to discover Grammarly, it’s the modern age version of a personal tutor.


It’s a grammar and spell checker that can track everything you write (from articles to email) and underline mistakes. It even offers suggestions on what corrections are needed and, in some cases, will let you fix spelling and grammar errors with a click.


You couldn’t ask for a better partner in Jarvis. It brings content creation on this platform to the next level. At the moment, Jasper’s Grammarly integration is included with your plan and can be toggled on or off as you wish.



8. The interface is simple


While Jasper’s multiple features may take some time to get used to, you won’t need to struggle with the interface. Like many online services, the system has easy navigation menus and clear labels with popup help.


If you know how to use Google Docs or Microsoft Word, you’ll have no problem adapting to the interface. The only complaint I have about the build is that some dynamic content can be slow to load.



* Price is based on a 12-month subscription rate.
** 5-day money back guaranteed!



4 Things We Didn’t Like About Jasper AI


1. Overly technical topics are slightly problematic


overly technical topics for jasper

Jasper simply could not cope with some technical topics.


Earlier, I mentioned that I need to cover many diverse topics. Unfortunately, that’s where Jasper falls slightly short. By short, I mean it started with something reasonably generic before commencing to spout utterly unusable rubbish.


For example, I challenged Jasper to produce some content on “How to configure the Apache webserver mod_security module.” It quickly spat out content that would not be believed even by the wildest stretch of the imagination.


Even repeating the command multiple times would create random technical content that was nowhere near what I required. This attempt leads me to the next point: wastage due to auto-generated junk.



2. Junk content costs money


You’ve probably realized a recurring theme – that Jasper can constantly churn out content. The problem is that not all of that content is always usable. I noticed a fair amount of content in my experiments that were repetitive or simply not what I wanted.


The problem here is that Jasper deducts credits from your account for every word it produces. I signed up for Jasper’s Boss Mode with a plan limit of 50,000 words. That still qualified me for a trial that included 10,000 words.


I blew past those 10,000 words within a day.


My usage will be higher since I put Jasper through the works. However, I can easily see user credits quickly drain. That will be especially true during early usage days when you’re still getting used to how Jasper works.



3. Doing your research is compulsory


While I noticed that Jasper is reasonably accurate, it is by no means perfect. Unless you know the topics you’re throwing at Jasper, be prepared to do a lot of fact-checking. That will include things like dates, context, and more.


For those who want to use Jasper to build entire long-form articles, it’s better if you’re able to provide it with a precise outline. That will help it create more accurate content that won’t go too far off the rails.



4. Plagiarism detection costs extra


Jasper Copyscape for plagiarism detection

Jasper works with Copyscape for plagiarism detection.


Among the first things I noted in the Jasper interface were two tiny toggles for Grammarly and Plagiarism detection. That excited me since I use both to verify content. I immediately enabled Grammarly.


Things went South once I clicked the plagiarism detection toggle. Copyscape powers Jasper’s plagiarism detection, and it costs extra to use. They’re perfect partners since Copyscape also charges by volume and uses a credit system.


I’m sure you can imagine the bills you’ll rack up with Jasper and plagiarism detection both enabled. It’s also a curious partnership since Grammarly already includes Plagiarism detection. Perhaps only on the Grammarly platform, though.



How We Tested (with Examples on


I maintain that the most appealing part of Jasper isn’t content generation but its ability to target specific content niche areas. If you dig deep into Jasper’s templates, you’ll find something for almost everyone.


Here’s what happened when I produced a few samples with select templates to understand better what Jasper can do. All responses from Jasper are direct and entirely unedited.



1. Google My Business – Product description template


What I provided to Jasper:


Company/Product Name
Shim Consulting


Tell Us About The Product
Get sales leads organically through SEO optimized content


Tone Of Voice


Jasper’s response:


Product Description:

Shim Consulting can help you get more leads and sales through organic search. We create SEO optimized content that will help you rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). Our team has years of experience in the industry, and we know what it takes to help your business succeed online. Contact us today to learn more about our services!


Thoughts: While I wasn’t overly impressed with what Jasper turned out, I also couldn’t find much fault. It seems to be somewhat fair content, especially given that I didn’t need to spend half an hour thinking.



2. Content improver template


What I provided to Jasper:


Making its way to the new member of LG’s QNED TVs, the new LG QNED Mini LED heralds the dawn of a new era for LCD TVs, delivering an innovative, industry-leading display with the revolutionary fusion of Mini LEDs with Quantum Dot and NanoCell technologies in offering an improved viewing experience with incredibly high-quality picture and more vibrant colors.


Tone Of Voice


Jasper’s response:


Introducing the new and improved LG QNED Mini LED TV! This small but mighty set offers an innovative viewing experience with high quality picture, vibrant colors plus more light than ever before. The fusion of Quantum Dot technology in combination for mini LEDs gives you brightness that can’t be beat on any other type or size screen – now available at your favorite retailer today!”


Thoughts: I’m impressed by how Jasper is able to conduct a basic rearrangement of this relatively technical paragraph. While the extent of revision isn’t extensive, I can see that would obviously be somewhat challenging in this case, even for a human writer.



3. Explain it to a child template


What I provided to Jasper:


Input Text
Have you heard the saying, “It’s not rocket science?” Some people think rocket science is a difficult subject to understand. When someone says, “It’s not rocket science,” they mean that something is not too difficult. Rocket scientists are brilliant people, but rocket science is based on concepts you probably already understand. The same basic science concepts and laws work in both huge NASA rockets and small paper ones.


Output Grade Level


Jasper’s response:


Some people think that rocket science is difficult to understand. They think that it is like learning a new language. However, this is not the case. Rocket science is based on concepts that you are already familiar with. The same basic science concepts and laws work in both huge NASA rockets and small paper ones.


Thoughts: I tested several grades and must say this is one Jasper capability that impresses me no end. The Explain it to a Child Template is one part that I highly recommend everyone check out. It redefines simplicity.



4. Blog post topic ideas


What I provided to Jasper:


Company Name


Product Description
Plush toy for children ages 8 to 12




Tone Of Voice


Pacify Your Child With a Plushie Today!


Jasper’s response:


How to choose the perfect plushie for your child


Plushiepower: How to Choose the Right Stuffed Animal for Your Child


How Cuddly Toys Can Help Moms De-stress


Why Moms Love Plushies


How to Choose the Perfect Plushie for Your Child


Thoughts: No. Just no. Unless you feed it a ton of input, the outcome will not amaze you. In that case you may as well spend the time dreaming up a headline of your own.



5. Jasper compose


What I provided to Jasper:


Riding dirt bikes is an increasingly popular hobby.


Jasper continued:


Riding dirt bikes is an increasingly popular hobby. There are many different ways to enjoy this type of riding, from casual rides with friends to more competitive events. If you’re thinking about purchasing a dirt bike, it’s important to consider what kind of riding you plan on doing. This will help you select the right size and style of bike.


Thoughts: Remember, each time you hit the compose command (Ctrl + J), Jasper will simply continue where it left off. For this sample, I do not include the rest of the text. Suffice to say, Jasper wrote a huge essay that impressed even me.



6. Jasper Command


What I provided to Jasper:


Jasper, write a paragraph on “How to wax a car”


Jasper wrote:


In order to wax a car, you will need the following supplies: car wax, a cloth or applicator, and a bucket of water. First, use the cloth or applicator to apply a thin layer of wax to the car. Next, use the bucket of water to wet down the area where you are applying the wax. Finally, use a cloth or applicator to buff the wax into the car’s finish.


Thoughts: I’m not a car freak but I do know the basics. And so does Jasper, apparently.



* Choose from over 50+ different templates!



Pricing: How Much Does Jasper AI Cost?


Specifications Starter Plan Boss Mode Plan
Word per month 20k 50k
Writing length Short copywriting Long content
50+ templates Yes Yes
25+ languages Yes Yes
Jasper command No Yes
SEO mode No Yes
Recipes No Yes
Plagiarism checker No Yes
Grammarly access No Yes
Price /mo* $24 $49
Full details
* Price is based on a 12-month subscription rate.


Jasper offers two main plan categories; Starter and Boss Mode. The critical difference between these plans is, literally, the Boss Mode. It’s a powerful tool that lets you work with Jasper to create long-form articles on a native Google Doc or Microsoft Word style editor.


Aside from the plan category, you also need to select a monthly word limit. Starter begins at $24/mo for 20,000 words. Boss Mode starts at $49/mo for 50,000 words. You can push the word count in both plans high, well into the hundreds of thousands – with a price that scales accordingly.


For example, a 700,000 word limit on Boss Mode will set you back $600/mo. Yet most people will never really use that much credit. Or will you?



Bonus: 5 Tips To Use Jasper More Effectively


1. Learn to use Jasper properly


Jasper recipe instructional video

Help for recipes comes in the form of highly instructional videos.


The problem with most tools is that they’re only as good as how you use them. I got off on the wrong foot with Jasper and wasted a ton of time and credit. Jasper offers users an impressive amount of help – take advantage of that assistance.


One thing I highly recommend is to watch the YouTube Tutorials provided before making use of Jasper templates. If not, the process might go awry, and you likely won’t get the intended output.


2. Know your topic


Remember that Jasper will only be as good as the input you provide. If you know nothing about the content you need, then Jasper isn’t likely to be able to assist. Even if it’s just grabbing headlines off another website, do some topical research before putting Jasper to work.


3. Marketing assistance is available – Use AIDA


If what you need is aligned with business or product marketing, make sure you use the right tools. includes a template that can build AIDA-oriented content. AIDA is the tried and tested Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action formula for attracting and converting customers.


4. Use Jasper to learn


You don’t need to look at simply as a means to create content. You can also use it as a learning crutch. For example, use the Content Improver and provide Jasper with the content you produced. Observe what Jasper turns that into and learn from the experience. After a while, you’ll find yourself improving naturally.


5. Jasper will make the same mistakes as you


If you provide Jasper with incorrect information, the output will also likely be flawed. Even worse, spelling mistakes may confuse it, resulting in the system not functioning. For those that encounter something like this, check your input before contacting customer service to yell at them.



Wrap Up: Who Can Benefit From Using Jasper AI?


You may be amazed that I feel Jasper is a good fit for almost anyone’s needs – even an experienced content producer like myself. Jasper is essentially just a tool, albeit a capable one. For example, I find it helpful when facing writer’s block, and it can provide some alternatives.


The most significant advantage will likely be for small business owners, eCommerce businesses, or freelancers who need occasional help with ad-hoc content. Imagine no longer outsourcing the content for your fliers or content for ad campaigns – the cost savings can be considerable. In all – definitely worth checking out.


Key Features

  • ✓ 50+ templates
  • ✓ 25+ languages
  • ✓ Boss Mode command
  • ✓ Japer’s recipes
  • ✓ Supports Grammarly

Recommended For

  • • Small business owners
  • • eCommerce businesses
  • • Freelancers



* Price is based on a 12-month subscription rate.
** 5-day money back guaranteed!



Frequently Asked Questions


1. What examples can I use Jasper AI for? covers almost the entire spectrum of AI content generation. That includes everything from helping build long-form articles to more specific content types. Examples include ad copy, social media post content, and more.


2. Does Jasper AI create original content?


In a way, yes. Jasper works with the GPT algorithm, which works with a lot of data to extract related content based on mathematical formulae. While the source isn’t unique, the produced content is generally unique.


3. Does Jasper AI offer a free trial? provides a free trial. You can sign up for a free account and explore the features and capabilities of the platform. It also has a community support site where you can find answers to common questions and join discussions with other Jasper users.


4. Does Jasper also work in other languages? works in multiple languages. They cover Bulgarian, Chinese, Czech, Danish, French, and many more languages. In all, 25 languages and dialects are available.


5. How does Jasper AI work? uses a machine-learning algorithm to study and learn from data to create more accurate and relevant content. It is constantly adapting and getting better at understanding the data it analyzes.


6. Can AI write blogs?


Yes, AI can write blogs. Many AI platforms can help you write your blog posts. One example is which can produce everything from blog posts to full-length essays. It’s also able to write shorter snippets if necessary.



Overall Rating

rated 5 out of 5rated 5 out of 5rated 5 out of 5rated 5 out of 5rated 5 out of 5

Feature Highlights


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  • * Price based on 12mo sub
  • • 5-day 100% money back guarantee

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