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Should You Get Internxt Lifetime Plan? Find Out If They’re Worth It

Daren Low
April 23, 2024


Internxt is a cloud storage provider who are known for their exceptional dedication to keeping your data safe and secure. Whilst their regular plans are pretty competitively priced, today we’re deep diving into something a little more special: their Lifetime Plans!



Lifetime Plans don’t come along very often and can sometimes sound too good to be true. Storing your precious files on the cloud for life? Where’s the catch?


Let’s look at the plans, crunch some numbers and ask ourselves if Internxt’s lifetime subscription is really worth it.


So Who Is This Internxt Anyway?


Internxt lifetime landing page


If you’re wondering who or what’s an Internxt, they are a cloud storage provider, like Google Drive or Dropbox.


But you also get access to all their services when you take any of their packages. So you wouldn’t just get their cloud storage service, but their Photo Gallery and Send services as well.


Internxt Send feature


On top of that, all tiers enjoy the same features. So you don’t need to get a higher tier package in order to enjoy more security features.


Speaking of security, they have an exceptional focus on security and putting ownership of your data into your own hands.


Their interface is easy to use and anything you upload to their servers will be automatically encrypted.


Internxt dashboard


Security-wise, they have features like passphrase generation, military grade encryption, sharding and decentralized storage. These work hand in hand with them putting the power into your hands, because the passphrase is generated onto your client, not the Internxt server.


Along with other features, it means that even Internxt itself can’t get at your data. Your privacy is protected even from them because they have zero knowledge of the details necessary to access your data.


On top of all that, they’re actually already competitively priced when compared to their competitors, like say, Dropbox, which doesn’t even come with a Lifetime Plan.


Check out our Internxt review to get more into the nitty gritty of their services.



What Is A ‘Lifetime Subscription’, Really?


A lifetime subscription just means that rather than paying for a service monthly or annually, you make a one time payment and that service is yours for a lifetime.


But how long is a lifetime, actually? Because here’s the thing, who’s to say what is a lifetime? After all, 24 hours is a whole lifetime if you’re a mayfly.


We checked out Internxt’s Terms and Conditions, which says that a lifetime plan is in effect for the duration of the account owner or 99 years, whichever is shorter. So depending on whether the account is owned by you or is under a company name, the lifetime plan will be valid until either of you expire, or 99 years, whichever is shorter.


internxt lifetime terms and condition

Their T&Cs specify 99 years.


Just two caveats though, lifetime accounts do not (usually) come with a standard 30 day money-back guarantee that Internxt’s other plans have, and if you lose access to your lifetime account, that lifetime account will be deemed as lost.


So take care of your health, look both ways before crossing the street, and try not to forget what your username and password are.



Why Should You Get A Lifetime Plan?


internxt lifetime deal


Of course, the general premise of a Lifetime Plan is that you pay more upfront but enjoy better savings down the road. It’s like taking a higher down payment on a car so you’ll have a smaller loan to pay off.


Getting a lifetime plan also frees you up from the hassle of having to periodically pay to renew your service. It also means that you can securely store your data on the cloud, forevermore, without worrying about losing access due to a missed payment or something. This can be a pretty big load off your shoulders.


You’ll also never have to worry about inflation jacking up prices. Who knows how much cloud storage will cost in the long run? But given how inflation works, they’re bound to increase over time. With a Lifetime Plan, you wouldn’t have to worry about that for potentially 99 years!


Are lifetime plans a good idea for cloud storage?


We’d say yes. Getting a lifetime plan will mean that you can rest assured your storage needs are taken care of for the long term – letting you keep large files, such as photos, videos, and documents safe for the foreseeable future.


It’s also ideal for taking care of information that needs to be stored for a long way into the future, but that may be needed at any time.


Imagine you’re running a company and you have scans of the contracts for the people under your employ. In about 5 to 10 years, the PC storing those contracts might need to be replaced. Will your in-house IT guy realize that some innocuously named folder buried deep in the system was holding such valuable information? The same goes for personal users. Imagine having scans of your house deed or parent’s death certificate on your PC and something were to happen to them.


That’s why for certain information, you’ll want to at least keep a copy on the cloud. And knowing that this information is never going to expire in your lifetime, offers a certain peace of mind.


That said – we’d always recommend you always have multiple backups of important files – backups handy.



* Enjoy up to 10TB storage forever with one-time payment!
** Get access to all Internxt services.



Internxt’s Lifetime Subscriptions – Plans & Pricing


Be it their monthly or annual plans, Internxt is actually, already competitively priced when compared to their rivals; so the inclusion of Lifetime Plans is off the hook!


Moreso when you consider how cheap they are.


And by cheap I mean, how fast it is before you start making savings. It’s honestly pretty nuts. We’re going to crunch some numbers in the next segment, but to give you an idea right off the bat, it takes less than 3 years for a 2 TB Lifetime Plan to start saving money versus the annual version.


3 Years, that’s it. That’s a blink of the eye. But wait, there’s more! As of this writing, they’re even running a promotion for their Lifetime Plans to offer 25% off! Which means the 2 TB Lifetime Plan will start generating savings in only about a year and a half. However – it’s likely a limited time offer so let’s also take a look at the savings you’d get from a lifetime plan even when it’s not on offer.


What Are The Available Lifetime Plans?


2TB 5TB 10TB
File encryption Yes Yes Yes
Access to all services Yes Yes Yes
Price $299 $499 $999
Full details


Internxt offers 3 different Lifetime Plans, and with the exception that there is usually no 30-day money-back guarantee for Lifetime Plans, all Internxt plans are the same. It’s just the amount of storage that’s different.


Every Internxt plan will provide you with:


  • Encrypted file storage and sharing
  • Access to your files from any device
  • Access to all their services


1. Internxt 2 TB Lifetime Plan


The 2 TB Lifetime Plan is the most straightforward of all the 3 plans because we can just compare it directly with the 2 TB Annual Plan.


If you go with the annual plan, you’ll be paying €107.88 ($118USD) per annum, or €8.99 ($9USD) per month.


Internxt annual plan 2TB


Meanwhile, the Lifetime Plan, sans any discount, is a one-time payment of €299 ($328 USD).


Internxt lifetime plan 2TB


A quick division of 299 by 107.88 gives us 2.77. Which equates to a little over 2 years and 9 months.


So in just under 3 years, you’ll be getting the service for free for the rest of your life, or 99 years, whichever comes first.



2. Internxt 5 TB Lifetime Plan


Unlike some of their competitors, Internxt doesn’t offer a 5 TB Annual Plan. It’s also hard to use their competitors for a comparison because those guys tend to offer different features based on the tier of the service you get from them, whereas Internxt just gives you everything regardless of tier.


So we’ll just have to straight-up compare the Lifetime 5 TB plan with the 2 TB plan.


Internxt 2 TB and 5 Tb compare


In terms of price per TB, the 5 TB Lifetime Plan has got the leg up.


  • The 2 TB Lifetime Plan costs €149.5 ($164) per TB before any promotional discounts.
  • The 5 TB Lifetime Plan costs €99.8 ($109) per TB before any promotional discounts.


So the 5 TB Lifetime Plan is the clear winner in terms of value for money.



3. Internxt 10 TB Lifetime Plan


Finally, let’s talk about the 10 TB Lifetime Plan, which is an interesting one because not many services offer 10 TB plans to begin with, lifetime or otherwise.


Internxt lifetime plan 10TB


The big draw for the 10 TB package is of course, that you won’t have to worry about storage capacity for a while. With data sizes increasing all the time, sooner or later, you’re going to need this 10 TB. That said, the 10 TB Lifetime Plan may not be the plan for you.


It essentially costs the same per TB as the 5 TB Lifetime Plan. In fact, the 5 TB plan costs €1 less for the same amount of storage space.


Looking at the numbers, it actually makes more sense to get two 5 TB Lifetime Plans if you want that 10 TB of storage space. Not only is it ever so slightly cheaper, but it means you’ll have 2 accounts.


You’re probably not going to need all 10 TB of storage space right away, so for instance, you can use that second account to partition between business and personal data. Or maybe the first account can be used for active data while the second account is where you keep your archives.



* Store, share and access file securely.



What Are The Risks To Getting A Lifetime Plan?


There are always risks, especially when you have a lifetime to come across them.


Let’s look at some of the potential downsides to getting a Lifetime Plan.


1. What if Internxt closes its doors?


All businesses can go out of business. Even a business as gigantic as Google, and Internxt is certainly no Google.


So let’s assume the absolute worst case scenario where not only do they go out of business, but nobody buys them over to continue the business and all operations are shut down, resulting in a complete denial of service. That would definitely suck, and isn’t an impossibility.


However, we’d have to look at the likelihood of that happening. Obviously, we can’t predict the future but we know that Internxt is a relatively young and growing company. It’s also unlikely that even if they do go out of business, that they wouldn’t simply be acquired by somebody else who would continue the service.


But the biggest mitigating factor is simply how cheap the Lifetime Plans are. Because it only takes less than 3 years before you accruing savings from the Lifetime Plans, it doesn’t really matter to you if Internxt goes bust, as long as they don’t go bust in less than 3 years, which is pretty unlikely given their current trajectory.


2. What if I get a better offer along the way?


It’s possible! But again, the big thing is that it only takes less than 3 years for you to start making savings on your Internxt Lifetime Plan.


Even if you find an alternative cloud storage service that you prefer over Internxt, does it hurt to have anywhere from 2 to 10 TB of extra storage space?


Internxt is renowned for its security. If nothing else, you could use them as a long term archive or as part of your disaster recovery plan.



Internxt’s Lifetime Plans: Yea Or Nay?


If you’re looking for some cloud storage as a long term solution, we really think the Lifetime Plan offers a rare and great solution.


Not only do you get loads of storage space and all the features; the prices just can’t be beat. It’s one thing if you need to wait 10 to 15 years before you start seeing savings, but here you’ll enjoy savings in just a handful of years.


Personally, I would recommend the 5 TB Lifetime Plan. It has the best bang for your buck and depending on your usage, 5 TB is a reasonable amount of storage space for the mid to long term. A definite ‘Yea’ from me!



* Plan includes military grade encryption, password protection & more.
** One-time payment only!