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The 6 Advantages Of Cloud Storage For Remote Work

April 23, 2024


Nowadays, remote work is far more common. While it might sound easy to transition given all the new technologies accessible to us, a lot of businesses still find it difficult to do it effectively.


Fortunately, online file storage options, such as cloud storage, can assist businesses. These services make it easy for even companies accustomed to conventional paper-based processes and in-person meetings to adjust to the new way of working.


So if you’d like to learn more about how exactly cloud storage can benefit you and your company, read on!



What Is Cloud Storage?


Cloud storage is the term used for storing data on an externally managed off-site storage system. By using a web portal, website, or mobile app, you can access your data from the cloud through a regular Internet connection or a specialized private network connection.


In other words, rather than saving documents on your computer’s hard drive or local storage network, your files are preserved on a secure remote database. This ensures that your data isn’t just accessible, but safe as well.



The Benefits Of Cloud Storage For Remote Work


And now that you know how cloud storage works, let’s quickly get into why you’d want to use it for WFH (or anywhere you are):


1. Provides easier access


cloud storage easier access

You can easily manage and modify your files with a few clicks. (Source: Rick’s Cloud)


For remote workers that are managing numerous projects for various clients, having the capacity to manage and access data is essential.


And when you’re using traditional storage solutions, handling a lot of data at a time can get pretty overwhelming, even though you’re organizing everything. This will affect productivity and overall would just ruin the workflow. Luckily, cloud storage makes it super easy to access and edit your files at any time.


2. Simpler to backup and recover files

backup and disaster recovery

Automatic backups ensure that you always have versions of your file when a disaster strikes. (Source: RMON Networks)


When combined, the terms, “disaster recovery” and “remote worker” might spark a terrifying thought for people. Some might be worried about losing the results of their hard work merely because they lack a trustworthy data backup system. Fortunately, cloud storage solutions can significantly reduce or even get rid of that concern.


A cloud storage system with automatic backups can provide remote workers the peace of mind that any lost data can easily be recovered, regardless of whether it was erased unintentionally or somehow disappeared over time.


3. Enhances teamwork and collaboration


effective teamwork

Collaborative tools can boost teamwork. (Source: RingCentral)


Remote teams can work effectively and achieve their goals with the assistance of collaborative tools, and cloud storage is a great resource for just that.


By informing teammates of modifications to a project, file sharing can enable multiple teams to “play well together” in real-time. This helps boost productivity and makes cross-time zone communication a breeze too.


4. Increases the manageability of version control


“Who did what, and when did it happen?” These are just some of the questions you end up asking if you don’t have a storage system with reliable version control.


But with cloud storage, you can keep track of all updates, which increases the quality of workflow management.


Also, restoring an older version or undoing changes to a document is also pretty simple with cloud storage. When you need to refer to or go back to a previous copy of a work, all it takes is a few clicks.


5. Supports mobile working


work on the go

You can access your files anywhere with cloud storage. (Source: The TeCake)


One of the advantages of remote work is the flexibility it offers. Working remotely from your own home, a co-working space, while on the go, or any other location with dependable internet access can help remote employees stay productive.


Cloud storage apps, which allow users to synchronize cell phones and other computer devices, can be a terrific method to assist in working from anywhere.


6. Boosts file security


While the word “cloud” may evoke thoughts of fluffy things, a cloud storage solution is everything but soft in terms of security. This system can assist businesses and remote workers in creating a platform for data, individual tasks, and group projects that is more secure.


Data kept in the cloud isn’t vulnerable to hardware failures, and is frequently bound by tighter access rules than conventional IT systems. This makes it less likely for companies to experience breaches too.



The Best Cloud Storage Providers For Remote Workers To Consider


If you’ve made it this far, you’re now probably wondering what the best cloud storage services for remote work are. Lucky for you, we’ve narrowed down the options for you:


  • pCloud
    One of our top picks for remote workers looking for cloud storage is pCloud. Its top-notch security features, such as end-to-end encryption and GDPR compliance, are one of the key reasons why we love it. Also, they provide flexible storage choices to meet your various needs and price ranges. So, for anyone wishing to store and access their files from anywhere, pCloud is an effective and user-friendly option.
    For those who want extra privacy, this Canadian company, is a great option. They follow a zero-knowledge policy when conducting business, which means they don’t save any of your passwords or encryption keys. So, even if they do get hacked (which isn’t likely to happen anyway), your files will still be safe, as you’re the only one who can decrypt them.
  • Backblaze
    Online backup is Backblaze’s area of expertise. So even if you somehow lose all your work or get hacked, you don’t have to worry. All of your files, including documents, photographs, music, movies, and more, will be automatically backed up by Backblaze. Given that they will also back up any external hard disks that are connected to your computer, it is an absurdly fantastic bargain.


And there you have it. You can now enjoy the advantages of cloud storage for your remote work with these service providers!



Make Your Work Experience 10x Better


Over the past years, cloud storage systems have quickly become more and more popular, replacing the CDs and USB flash drives of the 2000s. It pretty much has everything you’d need for data management, and offers so many advantages to remote work alone—what more if we were to look at the wider scope of things?


Personal use? Work? Company database? Cloud storage is flexible and can be a valuable tool for anyone!