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The Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses of 2023 (Tested and Ranked!)

January 27, 2023



The best blue light glasses are well-made, look great, and help protect your eyes and sleep from digital screens. In this article, we share some of the best on the market as well as what to keep in mind when shopping for them online.


From our tests, our favorite blue light glasses come from Barner, but there’s a slew of other great options out there.


The 7 Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses


  1. Barner Brand – Best overall blue light glasses
  2. EyeBuyDirect – Best premium glasses brand
  3. Mouqy Eyewear – Best value for money
  4. ElementsActive – Best clip-on blue light blockers
  5. Zenni Optical – Best blue light glasses for tight budgets
  6. TIJN Eyewear – Best blue light glasses for accessorizing
  7. Gunnar – Best blue light glasses for gamers


You’ve heard the drill: if you spend much time on digital devices, it’s important to protect your eyes from the blue light their screens emit.


Five years ago, I bought my first two pairs of blue light glasses from AliExpress for $3 each. It was a terrible idea – one never arrived, and the other felt exactly like pet glasses – flimsy and useless. Today, thankfully, there’s a HUGE range of reputable and affordable brands selling excellent blue light glasses.


We’ve tried to test a range of different types for this article, and here are seven that left us very impressed.


seven best blue light blocking glasses


For this review, we researched and purchased from a number of online blue light glasses retailers to test them out. Our tips below are to help you make a smart decision – whether you need a pair for work or play.



Prices shown in this article were based on the time of writing. To view current prices, click on the various product links.


1. Barner Brand – Best overall blue light glasses


Barner Brand homepage


This pair of glasses from Barner was an instant hit in our office. The shape and color were flattering, comfy enough for all-day wear, and felt very well made. But what REALLY stood out for us (and why we’re putting them tops) was the shopping experience. Aside from their website being a breeze to navigate, Barner made it easy to find a pair you felt confident about.


Rather of overwhelming you, the Barner site shows you exactly what you’ll get. Every pair of glasses is shown on male and female faces in both photo and video form, showing you each pair at 360° angles.


barner brand blue light


You also get to see their glasses photographed on ‘normal’ faces in different outfits and lighting and can use your webcam to virtually try them on. There’s no guesswork needed before hitting buy.


The downsides? Barner’s collection is limited. However, they offer classic shapes in a nice variety of colors – like the unusual blue tortoiseshell pattern we picked. Oh, and did we mention there’s also an entire section of eco-friendly glasses made from castor beans? Yeah – beans.


Barner Brand specifications


Specifications Descriptions
Country based Barcelona, Spain
Prescription lenses Yes
Processing order 2 days
Return policy 30 Days
International shipping Yes
Free shipping Yes (Above $70)
Virtual try-on Yes
Starting price $49 (see on Barner Brand)


Reasons to buy Barner Brand


  1. Great website experience.
  2. Great quality glasses.
  3. Easy to get a realistic idea of the glasses.
  4. Fast shipping and tracked package along the way.
  5. More sustainable options.


Reasons to avoid Barner Brand


  1. No huge selection of frame shapes.
  2. Many items out of stock.
  3. Only comes with a soft shell case.




2. EyeBuyDirect – Best premium glasses brand




If you want something a little fancier, check EyeBuyDirect. They’re one of the big names in the field of online eyewear and not only offer a big selection of cheaper blue light glasses, but stock a number of designer brands including Oakely, Rayban and their own premium in-house brand, RFLKT.


We decided to order and test a pair from their RFLKT range. They were delivered quickly and left us impressed: they were well-constructed, had a premium feel, and are still probably the most flattering pair of glasses I own. I’ve used this pair nearly daily for several months and they’ve become a natural part of my workflow – protecting against eye fatigue and helping me feel cute in coffee shops.


eyebuydirect premium glasses


Another great feature about the EyeBuyDirect site is the review section under each product. It’s always reassuring to see how the glasses look on real customer faces in real-life situations. Not every product has reviews, but a decent percentage do. Overall, the photos and virtual try-on feature were very accurate to what turned up.



If you’re big on designer brands, note that everyone from Burberry and Gucci, to Dior and Fendi now make blue light glasses. You can easily run a search online and purchase from a reputable fashion vendor like Nordstrom.


EyeBuyDirect specifications


Specifications Descriptions
Country based Texas, US
Prescription lenses Yes
Processing order 2 days
Return policy 14 days
International shipping Yes
Free shipping Yes (Above $99)
Virtual try-on Yes
Starting price (for frames) $6 (see on EyeBuyDirect)


Reasons to buy EyeBuyDirect


  1. Selection of designer brands like Rayban and Oakley as well as own designs.
  2. Product was delivered quickly and I was kept updated of my package whereabouts along the way.
  3. Great website experience that’s easy to navigate.
  4. Very nice virtual try-on technology lets you preview most frames.


Reasons to avoid EyeBuyDirect


  1. Only Rayban and Oakley available.
  2. Not all designer products have the virtual-try on feature.
  3. Their constant promotional emails (sometimes 3 a day) was a bit much. However, it just takes a few clicks to unsubscribe.




3. Mouqy Eyewear – Best value for money


Mouqy Eyewear homepage


Mouqy Eyewear is the new kid on the block here and whilst their collection is still young and growing fast – they’ve been getting some attention, especially from the digital nomad and freelancer demographic. We had fun flitting through their frame collections and ‘trying them on’ virtually with our webcams.


Offering a fresh take with their kooky branding and fairly minimalist designs, Mouqy sells both prescription eyeglasses and non-prescription eyewear at affordable prices. The pair we obtained and tested felt extremely well made and comfortable, even for all-day use!


mouqy glasses value of money


Their brand is all about offering a high-quality product for a low price, i.e. without making users overpay for gimmicks or extras. If you prefer an affordable high-quality product over a designer brand name, Mouqy hits the right balance and is worth checking out.


You can also customize your lenses to your liking and pick between regular single-vision lenses, high-index lenses, impact-resistant lenses and of course blue light blockers. Plus, they offer free shipping across the US at the moment!


Mouqy specifications


Specifications Descriptions
Country based Houston, Texas
Prescription lenses Yes
Processing order 2-4 days
Return policy 30 days
International shipping Yes
Free shipping Yes (For US customers)
Virtual try-on Yes
Starting price (for frames) $10 (see on Mouqy Eyewear)


Reasons to buy Mouqy


  1. Good quality product with range of lenses.
  2. Very affordable prices.
  3. Helpful virtual try-on feature.
  4. Free shipping across the US.


Reasons to avoid Mouqy


  1. Limited designs for now.
  2. Not many images of people wearing the glasses.
  3. Shipping can be pricey depending on where in the world you’re based.




4. ElementsActive – Best clip-on blockers


Elementsactive homepage


If you already own a pair of comfy prescription glasses and don’t want to swap them for another pair during work hours – a removable blue light filter is a great option. These clip-on blue-light blockers by ElementsActive have rave reviews on Amazon from users claiming that they can help with everything from reducing migraines, getting through 12 hour work days, and even photosensitive epilepsy.


elementsactive clip on blue light blockers


Our own tests impressed us too. With these on our faces, our eyes felt much less tired and we slept like babies. The blue light filtering on these isn’t subtle and the amber lenses block 99.5% of blue-light without any coating, whilst keeping you 100% protected from UVA and UVB.The large size of these lenses also helps to prevent any stray blue light coming in from the sides.


The cons? The obvious – these aren’t pretty. They’re not probably going to be the pair you reach for during client Zoom calls. BUT they are perfect for anyone working remotely, or from home, who just wants some all-round solid protection. Just make sure to double check they can fit on your existing glasses!


ElementsActive (under Amazon) specifications


Specifications Descriptions
Country based Vancouver, Canada
Prescription lenses No
Processing order 2 days
Return policy 30 days
International shipping Yes
Free shipping No
Virtual try-on No
Starting price (for frames) $29.75 (see on Amazon)


Reasons to buy ElementsActive


  1. Heavy-duty blue light protection.
  2. Clips on top of existing prescription glasses and can be removed easily.
  3. Arrives via Amazon, which is typically pretty fast.
  4. Affordable.


Reasons to avoid ElementsActive


  1. Not too stylish – orange tint isn’t subtle.
  2. Tint also affects color accuracy – not great for design or video work.
  3. No frame shape choices.
  4. Can’t be used unless you already have glasses.
  5. Are quite large, may not fit properly on small glasses frames.




5. Zenni Optical – Best for tight budgets


Zenni optical homepage


Zenni is another well-known name. Compared to the other brands on this list, Zenni stands out for two main reasons – their cheap prices, and their massive selection. They’re great for anyone who’s on a tight budget but doesn’t want to resort to a pair of cheap glasses from Amazon from some unknown seller.


Zenni’s website is well categorized and you’ll find enough styles here to meet a range of budgets, including glasses under $6.95!


Zenni blue light blocking glasses


We were pretty happy with the pair that we ordered, which was good quality for the price we paid. They’re comfortable on the face and have some fun embossed details. Plus, if you’re having a bit of a glasses emergency, or just can’t wait – they offer a pretty cool Rush Delivery option that allows you to get your glasses in 3 – 5 business days for an extra fee.


Zenni Optical specifications


Specifications Descriptions
Country based California, US
Prescription lenses Yes
Processing order Non listed
Return policy 30 days
International shipping Yes
Free shipping Yes (applicable for Zenni members)
Virtual try-on Yes
Starting price (for frames) $6.95 (see on Zenni Optical)


Reasons to buy Zenni Optical


  1. Budget friendly.
  2. Option of rush delivery.
  3. Wide selection – including blue light blocking glasses for kids.


Reasons to avoid Zenni Optical


  1. Not the absolute best quality.
  2. Not many premium options.




6. TIJN Eyewear – Best for accessorizing


TIJN eyewear homepage


If you’re looking for the blue light glasses the cool kids are wearing – check TIJN. Whilst they don’t offer that many options of prescription specs, they have a lot of nice looking non-prescription designs for fairly cheap.


That said – we do wish TIJN had a virtual try-on feature, as it can be hard to guess how their glasses will look on your face in real life. You need to rely on Pinterest-esque pictures of pretty people wearing the glasses, which is all very aesthetic, but isn’t necessarily helpful. Style and trends definitely come first here.


TIJN blue light blocking glasses


The pair we ordered felt like decent quality, though a bit below par with the others on this list and with lenses with a slight yellow tint. Our delivery experience could also have been better: whilst the glasses arrived within 16 days, we were a bit confused whether they’d show up, since TIJN only sent a shipping confirmation after they arrived. Bit disappointing, but perhaps we were unlucky.


TIJN Eyewear specifications


Specifications Descriptions
Country based Hong Kong
Prescription lenses Yes
Processing order 2-4 days
Return policy 30 days
International shipping Yes
Free shipping Yes (for certain value)
Virtual try-on No
Starting price (for frames) $19.90 (see on TIJN Eyewear)


Reasons to buy TIJN Eyewear


  1. Wide range of trending styles.
  2. Big focus on Tik Tok trends.
  3. Lots of themed collections.


Reasons to avoid TIJN Eyewear


  1. Quality not quite on par with others.
  2. Fewer options and customizability of lenses.
  3. No virtual-try on feature.
  4. Website not as easy to navigate.
  5. More difficult to know what you’re getting (were darker than we expected).
  6. Shipping experience not the best.




7. Gunnar – Best blue light glasses for gamers


Gunnar homepage


What happens when you cross an eyewear brand with a respected game developer? These Lightning Bolt 360s from Gunnar X Ubisoft, apparently. The limited-edition variation was inspired by Ubisoft’s 6-Siege franchise and wow-ed us with their versatility.


You’re essentially getting two pairs: gaming glasses and outdoor sunglasses. There are two interchangeable lenses, as well as three nose bridges, and three temples for mixing and matching. This modularity helps you get the perfect comfortable fit – important for gaming without annoying sliding down your nose. We handed these to our resident gamer in the Bitcatcha team and he found the customizability impressive.


gunnar blue light glasses gamers


They have some very unique features, including arms designed to work comfortably when worn with headsets and Amber lenses that use GUNNAR-focus tech. The slight magnification helps your eyes naturally focus more sharply on close distances.


The downsides? Firstly – that they’re expensive, especially if you need to get these with a prescription. Paying $350 for prescription lenses probably sounds kind of crazy to anyone who’s not a serious gamer.


Secondly – the slight magnification may not be for everyone. Our tester said he noticed himself getting sleepy more quickly whilst wearing them – whether a result of blue light filtering gone wild, or just mild eye strain.


Gunnar specifications


Specifications Descriptions
Country based Califonia, US
Prescription lenses Yes
Processing order 3 days
Return policy 30 days
International shipping Yes
Free shipping Yes (Domestic: above $69.99, International: above $199.99)
Virtual try-on Yes
Starting price (for frames) $129.99 (see on Gunnar)



Reasons to buy Gunnar


  1. Lens options for both indoor and outdoor use.
  2. Amber lenses help you focus on screen.
  3. Sturdy and well made, with a great storage box.
  4. Highly customizable.
  5. Temple arms designed to work with headsets.
  6. Super fast shipping experience – arrived in 3 days!


Reasons to avoid Gunnar


  1. The look may not be for everyone.
  2. Amber lenses have a slight zoom that can be initially a bit disorientating.
  3. Tint affects color accuracy, not great for design or creative work.
  4. Very expensive, especially if you need to order it with prescription lenses.




What to consider when buying blue light glasses


When looking for blue light glasses, there are a few things you should take into account in order to find the best pair for you:


1. The quality of the lens and frames


Not all glasses are created equal. If you plan to use your blue light glasses for daily life – such as for your usual workflow in the office or working remotely – you’ll notice the differences pretty quickly. Unless you’re looking for a quick-and-easy pair for photo opportunities, it’s worth getting a pair of good quality frames that will feel and look great for longer.


Higher-quality glasses should be better able to bear the knocks and scuffs of everyday life. Many suppliers will add various multi-functional coats onto their lenses which can improve their durability, such as helping protect them against scratches or make them more water repellant. If you live a particularly active lifestyle – for example, you play a lot of sports – this may be especially important.


2. Blue light blocking tech


You want to make sure that the lenses are high quality and will actually block out blue light. Some cheaper options on the market don’t provide adequate protection, so it’s important to do your research before making a purchase. Blue light blocking tech can take a range of different forms – some glasses will reflect it away, whilst others will absorb it within the lens material itself.


3. The style of the glasses


You want to choose a pair that you actually like wearing! There are many different styles of blue light glasses available, so find a pair that suits your personal taste in terms of color and style, and that makes you feel your best.


top 3 blue light blocking glasses


Choosing a frame that flatters your face usually boils down to understanding your face shape. Most eyewear retailers will provide guides to explain which frame shapes suit what face shapes, but it’s essentially about creating contrast. Round glasses frames tend to look great on more angular faces, whilst something like a rectangular or angular browline glasses frame can balance out the curves of a round or oval face. It’s all about balance, baby.


4. The material of your glasses


Blue light glasses can come in a range of frame materials, the most common being plastic, acetate and metal. These can have drastically different looks, but can also feel quite different on the face. For example, thin metal frames will probably be more lightweight than a thick plastic frame. Titanium frames tend to be hypoallergenic – great for sensitive skin.


5. Lens customizability


Of course, you’ll want to check that your lenses will accommodate your prescription needs (if you need prescription glasses). For this, eyewear retailers will typically ask you to input some numbers from your last eye prescription, including your PD (pupillary distance). Make sure you’re using an up-to-date eye prescription too!


6. Value for money


Blue light glasses can range in price from around $20 to $400. It’s important to find a pair that is high quality but also affordable for you. Many people don’t mind paying extra for a designer name, whilst others just want a pair that’s great value for money. Bear in mind that a high price doesn’t always correlate with the ‘best’ pair for you.


7. The website shopping experience


If you’re purchasing glasses online, it can be a bit unnerving to take the leap if you’re not able to try them on. Thankfully, many shops now offer some sort of virtual try-on technology. You’ll also want to double check their return policy, shipping speed, and that they offer some sort of customer support service – whether it’s a hotline or a live chat.


8. The extra bits


You can see from the photo below that eyewear suppliers offer a range of different storage options. Some glasses come with a hard shell case, swappable extra parts, or just a simple soft sleeve. We prefer a hard-shell case for the extra protection.



Do you need a prescription for blue light glasses?


Not necessarily! Blue light glasses come in both prescription and non-prescription form, which means anyone can take advantage of their benefits.


If you don’t need vision correction (i.e. you don’t usually wear prescription glasses), you can easily purchase non-prescription blue light glasses – otherwise known as ‘plano’ blue light glasses from most of the eyewear retailers mentioned in this article. Since you won’t need to input any prescription information when buying your glasses, the only thing you’ll want to double check is the size of the glasses, so that they fit your head well.


If you do need vision correction in your blue light glasses, you also have a huge range of options available to you. Many eyewear companies (and even posh big-wig designer fashion brands) now offer the option of blue light blocking lenses, whilst accommodating your normal prescription.


You’ll need to make sure you have an up-to-date eye prescription, since it’s possible for your eyes’ needs to change over time. You can then indicate your choice of lenses when you’re checking out.



What are the Benefits Of Blue Light Glasses?


eyebuydirect blue light glasses


Whilst blue light tends to get a very bad rap, many people are surprised to learn that most blue light is produced naturally by the sun. However, it’s also emitted by the digital screens of devices such as our phones, laptop screens and overhead lights. When we’re overexposed to this light – particularly at night time – when we can experience vision issues and disrupted sleep.


Whilst studies are still limited, many have linked blue light has been linked to eye fatigue and strain. Blue light blocking glasses work by filtering out the blue light before it hits your eyes.


So, if you spend hours in front of a computer screen or use your phone before bed, you probably have something to gain from blue light glasses. Things like…


  • Better sleep
    Blue light, the stuff emitted from electronic devices and can contribute towards disrupted sleep and eye fatigue by suppressing the production of melatonin. Wearing blue light glasses in the evening can help you sleep better by reducing the amount of blue light exposure before bed.
  • Reduced digital eye strain
    Digital eye strain is a condition that is caused by looking at screens for long periods of time. Symptoms include dry eyes, headaches, and neck pain. Wearing blue light glasses can help to reduce the symptoms of digital eye strain, although they can’t do it all. Just remember to keep taking breaks!


Blue light glasses are becoming increasingly popular as a tool for anyone spending long hours slaving away in front of a computer screen. They’ve become an important part of our own ergonomic office set up!



Is It Just About The Glasses Though?


When it comes to digital eye strain – there are other elements that contribute to your eye fatigue, beyond blue light. A lot of the tiredness that we feel at the end of the day can actually be a result of the intensive staring at a certain focal length all day – on the screens in front of our faces.


Wearing blue light glasses is not going to address this particular issue – so you’ll want to make some behavioral changes too.


To start with, practice the 20-20-20 rule. When you find yourself focusing on a particular place – such as a laptop screen, or watching TV, make sure to move your focus away to something around 20 feet away, and hold that gaze for 20 seconds.


Other tips for alleviating digital eye fatigue without glasses include:


  1. Using lubricating eye drops.
  2. Adjusting your screen setting to ensure your screen brightness is set to a comfortable level.
  3. Winding down in the evenings and avoiding devices at least 1 hour before bed. This can really help you get a better night’s sleep. Here’s our full guide on how to unplug from your devices.


Looking for more sleep tips?


Here’s some further reading:




Bonus Tips For Purchasing Eyewear Online


When purchasing glasses online, it is important to do your research to find a reputable seller. Additionally, it’s helpful to read any reviews of the glasses before making your purchase, or take a look at their social media presence to see how active they are, or how the glasses look on other customers’ faces.


We’d also recommend that the site you are buying from offers a virtual try-on feature so you can see how the glasses look on your face. This is especially important if you’re trying a new style you’ve not worn before, if you’re not too familiar with purchasing glasses, or if you simply wish to experiment with some new colors and frame shapes.


barner virtual try on

(Credit: Barner).


Finally, be sure to take advantage of any deals or coupons that the site may be offering, such as free shipping or a discount on your purchase. You can often take a glance on their social media pages to see if they’re running any seasonal campaigns with discount codes.



So – Which Are The Best Blue Light Glasses For You?


The sudden surge of online eyewear retailers may make it harder to know who to buy from but we’re happy to see there’s so many high-quality pairs on the market. We hope this article’s helped streamline things.


To recap, our top brands are Barner Brand for their simple purchase experience, EyeBuyDirect for their premium designs, and Mouqy for their great value for money.


Barner Brand EyeBuyDirect Mouqy Eyewear ElementsActive Zenni Optical TIJN Eyewear Gunnar
Country based Barcelona, Spain Texas, US Houston, Texas Vancouver, Canada California, US Hong Kong Califonia, US
Prescription lenses Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Processing order 2 days 2 days 2-4 days 2 days Non listed 2-4 days 3 days
Return policy 30 Days 14 days 30 days 30 days 30 days 30 days 30 days
International shipping Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Free shipping Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Virtual try-on Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Starting price $49 $6 $10 $29.75 $6.95 $19.90 $129.99
See all features



Frequently Asked Questions


1. How do I clean blue light glasses?


To clean your blue light glasses, simply wipe them down with a soft, dry microfibre cloth. If they become dirty or smudged, you can use a mild soap and water solution to clean them. Be sure to avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasives, as this can damage the lens coating – and definitely no tissues or shirt sleeves!


2. How much do blue light blocking glasses cost?


The price of blue light blocking glasses can range hugely – depending on the type of lens and the style of frame, but also the brand name. Many high-end brands are now offering blue light blocking technology options in their lenses, but you’ll need to pay designer prices. If you’re on a budget though, you have plenty of options of high-quality eyewear starting from around $10 for the frames (not counting the lenses, as this depends on your prescription and if you want any special functionality).


3. Are blue light blocking glasses worth it?


The answer to this question really depends on your needs and lifestyle. If you find yourself staring at screens for long periods of time, or if you have trouble sleeping, then blue light blocking glasses may be worth it for you. However, if you only use screens occasionally, then they may not be necessary.


4. When should I wear blue light glasses?


There is no definitive answer to this question, as it really depends on your needs and lifestyle. However, many people find that wearing blue light glasses in the evening helps them to wind down and avoid using devices before bed. This can help to improve sleep quality. If you work long hours staring at a computer screen, you may also benefit from wearing blue light glasses during the day.