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7 Best Anti-Fatigue Mat For Your Standing Desk in 2024

June 17, 2024


best anti fatigue mat

Anti fatigue mats help you stand comfortably for hours. The best ones offer thick support, anti-slip tech, and textures that will keep even the most fidgety feet happy. We bought a motherload to test out at our standing desks - here are our favorites!


Our favorite anti-fatigue mat for most people is from ComfiLife. We found it thick and supportive enough to let us work for long hours with minimal fatigue, and cheap enough to fit most budgets.


However it was very tough choosing between the 6 mats shortlisted in this article – they all have something to offer, whether you’re working remotely or in an office.


7 Great Anti Fatigue Standing Mats


  1. ComfiLife Mat – Top Pick
  2. ErgoDriven Topo – Most ergonomic anti-fatigue mat
  3. Sky Solutions Mat – Best for budgets
  4. Ergodriven Topo Mini – Most portable anti-fatigue mat
  5. Kangaroo Standing Mat – Lots of designs
  6. GelPro Nevermove – Plush and beautiful
  7. StrongTek Board – Best for restless feet


Most of us know that sitting all day is horrible for our health. However, standing for long periods also comes with its downsides, including lower back pain and poor circulation. What’s a 21st century human to do?


Well – turns out an anti-fatigue mat can help. Otherwise known as a ‘standing desk mat’, this solution sits on the floor of your workstation and provides foot support, with benefits that you’ll feel in the rest of your body.


For this article, we bought and tested countless mats in socks, shoes and barefoot. And let me tell you – the difference an anti-fatigue mat has made to my workday was mind-boggling. I’ll never be going back.


our top choice for best anti fatigue mat

We’ve tried and tested the best anti fatigue mats out there.



Prices shown in this article were based on the time of writing. To view current prices, click on the various product links.


1. ComfiLife Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat


comfilife anti fatigue mat


“Incredibly comfortable and surprisingly affordable with an unbeatable lifetime guarantee!”


Comfilife’s anti-fatigue mat is our top choice simply because it works fantastically for the price. It’s hard to find fault with this mat – especially at this price point. It’s made from a medium-firm, 0.75-inch foam cushion and comes in a ton of sizes, from a small rectangle ideal for a standing desk, to 70” long!


What’s most impressive was the lifetime warranty that comes attached. A warranty usually is a vote of confidence in the expected lifetime of a product, which suggests that this is a durable mat indeed. A lifetime satisfaction policy gives great peace of mind – especially when dealing with a product type being used every day. From the reviews I read, people seemed very happy with their experience with the ComfiLife customer service team.


It’s not as ergonomic for long hours of standing, compared to something like the Topo (below). However, it’s a fantastic option if you like alternating between sitting and standing in shorter sessions. I found it comfy for 1-2 hours standing sessions. But then again, experts usually recommend you switch between sitting and standing then anyway.


How it felt to stand on


Honestly – there’s nothing I don’t like about this. It’s extremely soft and comfortable; like standing on a cloud. The texture is slightly less smooth than the others, which means it’s even less slippery in socks.


ComfiLife Mat specifications


Specifications Descriptions
Thickness 0.75″
Size variations 20″ x 32″, 20″ x 39″, 24″ x 70″
Materials Memory foam
Item weight (lbs) 3.29
Price $45.95 (see on Amazon)


Pros and cons of ComfiLife Mat



  • ✓ Impressive lifetime satisfaction policy
  • ✓ Budget friendly
  • ✓ Non-slippery base (the most effective out of the mats we tested)
  • ✓ Waterproof surface
  • ✓ Easy to clean


  • • Non stick bottom might not be ideal for for those need to slide it out the way
  • • Not as ergonomic as a varied terrain mat




2. ErgoDriven Topo


ergodriven topo full size mat

The ErgoDriven full-sized Topo.


“Hands-down the most ergonomic and fun anti-fatigue mat we’ve tried.”


If you plan to stand for long sessions at your desk, ErgoDriven’s Topo is a game changer.


It’s not cheap, but it has a very special USP: a contoured surface with interesting bumps and grooves to encourage your feet to explore as you stand. Think of it like a little obstacle course. Once you stand on it, you naturally begin to explore the terrain, which includes a calf -raise shelf, angled corners, a backramp and more.


The fact that it keeps you moving and stretching is no small miracle – helping with circulation, and helping reduce accumulated strain in your heels, legs, back and shoulders. You can shift your weight, do calf stretches – even massage the bottom of your feet! It’s also very well made and feels durable.


One important thing I noticed most reviews don’t mention – THIS IS A BIG MAT. It’s ideal if you’re tall or like to stand in a wide stance. But if you have limited space – definitely consider the smaller and cheaper Ergo Topo Mini instead (see #4 below).


How it felt to stand on


The size of this, and the variety of positions I could stand in made me feel like I had an entire gym floor to myself. It’s as comfortable as it gets. Also – it’s just far less boring! I tend to get restless when I stand, but this mat helped me stand comfortably for the longest hours.


ErgoDriven Topo specifications


Specifications Descriptions
Thickness 2.5″
Size variations 29″ x 26.25″
Materials Polyurethane
Item weight (lbs) 8
Price $119 (see on Amazon)


Pros and cons of ErgoDriven Topo



  • ✓ Topographic surface keeps you moving and stretching
  • ✓ Superior comfort for all-day standing
  • ✓ Durable and well made


  • • Looks quite heavy-duty
  • • Is very large – may not fit all workspaces
  • • Comes in limited colors
  • • Easy to trip over, so you’ll want to move it when not in use




3. Sky Solutions Anti Fatigue Sky Mat


sky solutions anti fatigue mat

The Sky Mat we bought and tested for months (design : Indigo Deco).


“A fantastic anti-fatigue mat that has it all: value, design and true comfort for standing.”


Need a simple and affordable mat for the long term? If you want something no-frills, the Sky Mat delivers fantastically. It’s constructed from a patented soft-foam core and is an impressive 0.75 inches thick. The result feels ultra-supportive and divine underfoot – conforming to the shape of your feet like memory foam. I tested this for about 2 months at my standing desk and found it perfectly comfortable for long hours of use, with breaks in-between for sitting.


Surprisingly – it’s very affordable, and comes in a range of colors and sizes to suit any workspace. Its non-slip bottom keeps it from sliding and a nicely bevelled edge helps reduce the chance of anyone tripping. We have a robot vacuum in the house and this glides right over.


How it felt to stand on


It’s deliciously cushy without feeling too soft. It’s significantly thicker and more supportive than many of the mats in this price range that we tested.


Sky Mat specifications


Specifications Descriptions
Thickness 0.75″
Size variations 20″ x 32″, 20″ x 39″, 24″ x 70″
Materials memory foam
Item weight (lbs) 2.74
Price $39.99 (see on Amazon)


Pros and cons of Sky Mat



  • ✓ At 0.75 thickness, the cushion is comfortable and supportive
  • ✓ Comes in many colors and size variations
  • ✓ Affordable
  • ✓ It’s easy to wipe and keep clean


  • • Texture traps dust easily
  • • Not as ergonomic as a varied terrain mat
  • • The print of the pattern isn’t the best quality – there’s a tiny bit of unevenness




4. Ergodriven Topo Mini


ergodriven topo mini


“A fantastic ergonomic option for long hours of standing, but at a smaller size that’s perfect for home spaces.”


The Topo Mini is the little sibling of the Topo, but we think its portability and compact size are its own strengths. The Topo Mini uses a very similar design to the original Topo, with useful bumps on its surfaces that let you stand in a range of different positions and prevent overworking the same muscles. You can massage the arches of your feet, do heel raises and more. This makes it exceptionally comfy!


Just bear in mind that it may be a little TOO small if you’re a very tall person, or if you like to stand with a wide stance. For us, this felt just right.


How it felt to stand on


Whilst not cloud-soft, it’s extremely supportive. My feet loved the various bumps – especially resting my heels on the back ridges. It kept me moving and my legs noticeably didn’t feel too fatigued. This mat is the one I’ll be keeping for the long term.


Ergodriven Topo Mini specifications


Specifications Descriptions
Thickness 2.47″
Size variations 19.2″ x 25.2″
Materials Polyurethane
Item weight (lbs) 4
Price $79 (see on Amazon)


Pros and cons of Ergodriven Topo Mini



  • ✓ Compact size can be easily stowed
  • ✓ Ergonomic surface lets you use different muscle groups
  • ✓ Bumps to massage your feet and keep you moving
  • ✓ More affordable alternative to the Topo


  • • May be too small for some people to stand wide
  • • Not many designs and he black is a little harsh looking




5. Kangaroo Original Standing Mat


kangaroo original standing mat


“Simple, budget-friendly and comes in a range of designs to choose from.”


Standing mats don’t need to be boring. You can pick up this Kangaroo Original mat in a whole rainbow of shades – from red to sky blue. It’s ideal for matching whatever decor your space already has since you can get a bright color that stands out, or get a mild beige or sand shade to blend into your wooden floorboards. We purchased it in ‘hunter green’ and loved it – it’s just the right shade that’s not gaudy, nor dull.


And it’s not all looks. With a cushy 0.75 inch thickness, this foam mat is very comfortable and comes very highly-rated (we also read a review from someone who bought this to cushion the landings of their elderly cats). It’s also lightweight and easy to move around the house.


How it felt to stand on


We found that our feet felt very comfortable standing on this, as it took the weight off our ankles and knees considerably.


Kangaroo Standing Mat specifications


Specifications Descriptions
Thickness 0.75″
Size variations 17″ x 24″, 20″ x 32″, 20″ x 39″, 20″ x 48″, 20″ x 60″, 24″ x 70″
Materials Rubber
Item weight (lbs) 3.39
Price $44.99 (see on Amazon)


Pros and cons of Kangaroo Standing Mat



  • ✓ Great color options
  • ✓ Non-slip bottom and bevelled to prevent tripping
  • ✓ Lightweight
  • ✓ Easy to clean


  • • Less durable
  • • Not as ergonomic as a varied terrain mat




6. GelPro Nevermove Chenille Textured


gelpro nevermore chenille textured mat

The GelPro Nevermove we were very excited to test and review (design: Dusty Blue).


“Function meets design in this unique anti-fatigue mat that looks like a beautiful rug.”


This sneaky rug + standing mat combo is quite literally ‘design meets function’. Outsiders see a plush designer rug, whilst the person on top enjoys a comfy standing experience. The comfort comes from the 0.5 inch thick mat made from energy-return foam. It combines ingenious sticky ‘gelly grippers’ in the corners with a high-traction texture, so the layers stay firmly together without sliding.


We love that this can actually enhance a room. They didn’t half-ass the designs either – these are some beautiful rug patterns. There are enough Pinterest-worthy choices to match any decor style – whether it’s for your kitchen, lounge or dining room (we opted for the vintage looking blue).


And whilst not the most ergonomic, the GelPro Nevermove is best suited for anyone who enjoys short sessions of standing, between sits.


How it felt to stand on


It wasn’t quite as comfortable as the others and feels more like standing on carpet, than standing on a foam mat. But it was certainly a big improvement from standing on the cold hard floor.


GelPro Nevermove specifications


Specifications Descriptions
Thickness 0.5″ mat & rug on top
Size variations 24″ x 34″, 24″ x 76″
Materials Polyester
Item weight (lbs) 4.89
Price $59.95 (see on Amazon)


Top Tip

Make sure to select the ‘Rug + Comfort Mat’ option, or you’ll just get the rug!


Pros and cons of GelPro Nevermove



  • ✓ It comes in a huge range of colors and styles
  • ✓ Looks like a designer rug, not an anti-fatigue mat
  • ✓ Rug can be removed and thrown into the washing machine


  • • It’s not cheap! But remember you’re getting a mat as well
  • • Buying it can be a bit confusing as both the carpet and mat can be purchased separately




7. StrongTek Balance Board


strongtek balance board


“An adapted balance board that’s perfect for fidgety or bored feet at a standing desk.”


Some of us get very restless standing at our desks. Compared to a typical anti-fatigue mat, the StrongTek balance board is a bit of a wildcard. Instead of being a soft pad surface, it works as a hybrid between a mat and a balance board.


Compared to a ‘regular’ balance board for sports, the StrongTek is much easier to stand on and doesn’t have a very fine balancing point. You won’t be burning that many calories, but that really isn’t the point. It’s just much less boring and static when you can rock back and forth, shift your weight, and even squeeze in some reflexology at your desk.


There’s a non-slip bottom to stop you skidding, and even a massage ball in the middle to ease away any foot tension that builds during the day. If you want something different than just a squishy mat, this can be ideal. However, if your work involves a lot of high-precision tasks (e.g. reading tiny text on a screen or drawing) this probably isn’t.


How it felt to stand on


The rocking back and forth is quite subtle, and is pretty fun. It kept my body moving and feet a bit more engaged and interested, which in turn helped me stay productive.


StrongTek Board specifications


Specifications Descriptions
Thickness 2.2″
Size variations 18″ x 13.9″
Materials PU Mat + Premium Plywood
Item weight (lbs) 6.69
Price $64.98 (see on Amazon)


Pros and cons of StrongTek Board



  • ✓ Keeps you moving
  • ✓ Great for restless feet
  • ✓ It’s fun!
  • ✓ Portable and easy to stash away


  • • Quite pricey
  • • Not comfortable or ergonomic for long-term standing
  • • Quite easy to trip over – not for a high-traffic area




How We Chose Anti-Fatigue Mats For This Article


best anti fatigue mat

Here’s how we picked our favorites.


Why trust us? Well, we’re seasoned experts of working from home. At Bitcatcha, our team has been working from home long before the pandemic, and have taken our time refining what tools will help us with our productivity.


Here are some of the things we kept in mind when choosing what anti-fatigue mats to feature here:


1. Support / Ergonomics


The best anti-fatigue mats need to be comfortable, first and foremost. A lot of this can be traced back to the material and thickness of the mat. We’d recommend a mat that’s at least 0.5 inch thick, but closer to 0.75 inches ideally. This should provide good support in the long-term.


ergodriven mat thickness

A thick mat is usually a supportive mat.


It’s not all about softness too. As comfy as an ultra-soft mat can feel, over time, these can actually lead to more fatigue in your muscles because they don’t provide stable support.


Think about a mattress that is too soft – you can wake up feeling aching and more tired out than before you slept! The same goes for your feet.


Comfort can be a matter of personal preference too. Depending on how much support you like, you may want to look for high-quality dense foam or memory foam, which will feel both soft, but also supportive enough. It’s all about finding a balance.


2. Mat design


types of mat design

Anti-fatigue mats come in a range of colors and patterns.


There are some design must-haves for anti-fatigue mats that are common sense. For example, non-slip surfaces on the top, grippy surfaces on the bottom, and tapered edges to prevent innocent passer-bys from tripping.


However, some anti-fatigue mats come with unusual features – such as the varied terrain mats like the Topo and Topo Mini. By offering a topographic surface with bumps, and side ridges, these mats can encourage you to keep moving and engage a range of different muscles in your legs and feet. Others, like the balance board, are also great for fidgety feet.


Consider what kind of stand-er you are, and what will keep you most productive.


3. Size


topo mini and topo full size comparison

The Topo Mini vs the full sized Topo.


Anti-fatigue mats tend to come in a range of different sizes. Which you choose will depend on two things: how much space you need to stand, and how large your workspace is.


Ideally, you’ll want a mat that’s big enough to let you easily stand and accommodate a little bit of foot movement, since we tend to naturally shift around. If you like to stand in a wide stance (i.e. with your feet wide apart), you’ll want a mat that can accommodate this. I recommend you check the measurements of the mats before you buy them, then use measuring tape to gauge on the floor whether that’s enough room for you.


Larger or longer mats can be great for those who move around / stand wider. However, these large ‘corridor’ mats usually make more sense for kitchen spaces.


For standing desks, we found that the smaller size mat offerings (around 20” x 32”, or even 17” x 24” if you’re short on space) were great for standing, and also tucking away when we wanted to put it out of sight.



Understanding the Types of Anti-Fatigue Mat


In this article, we’ve chosen to focus on mats that are best suited for productivity purposes. Here’s a quick short-hand to the most common types that exist:


1. Standard soft pad anti-fatigue mats


These are your standard plain and flat mats that come in a range of different sizes, colors and designs. They come in a range of materials.


standard pad mat materials

Standard pad anti fatigue mats come in a range of materials.


2. Varied terrain anti-fatigue mats


Also called ‘non-flat’ standing mats, these types of mat have more interesting surfaces. These can offer pressure points to massage your feet, offer you more ways of standing, or balancing on a balancing board.


varried terrain anti fatigue mats

Varied terrain mats offer a range of textures.


3. Large anti-fatigue mats


Many standard soft pad mats come in extra large sizes that are ideal for fitting into longer corridors. Some companies will essentially use these to carpet their workspaces for employees.



Who Can Benefit From An Anti-Fatigue Mat?


If you’re using a sit-stand desk, an anti-fatigue mat is ideal for encouraging you to spend more time on your feet. It can do wonders to alleviate the feeling of fatigue or pressure on your legs and feet.


It’s a huge ergonomic win – especially since standing has shown to prove to burn more calories, and encourage healthy movement (a topographic mat is especially great for the latter).


That said – anyone who spends a good amount of time on their feet can benefit from one! This includes supermarket cashiers, DJs’ security guards, hairdressers and anyone working behind a counter.


Let’s recap some of the magic that anti-fatigue mats can help with:


  1. Help with blood flow – standing for too long on a hard surface can reduce the blood supply to the muscles, which can lead to pain and fatigue in your leg, back and neck muscles
  2. Help alleviate sore / swollen feet or legs
  3. Leave you with more energy, since it takes some of the strain off your body
  4. Take pressure off your knees, and prevent compressing your spine and joints.


Not to mention – they just generally feel so much more comfortable at the end of a long work day!



The Best Way To Use An Anti-Fatigue Mat


An anti-fatigue mat isn’t a high-maintenance piece of gear. To prolong its life, you’ll simply want to keep it clean and dry and try to prevent blunt trauma.


Cleaning your mat


Most anti-fatigue mats are made of a water-resistant covering and can be easily wiped when they get oily or dusty. That’s because they’re often used in the kitchen!


best way to clean your mat

Most anti fatigue mats can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.


However, it’s best to try and mop up any large spillages that happen. Don’t submerge your mat in water, or use a washing machine (the exception being if it comes with a fabric covering that can be stripped off and washed separately – such as the GelPro Nevermove).


Preventing damage


Heavy use, or placing it in a high traffic area can damage an anti-fatigue mat in the long term.


  1. Dropping items on it (hey, it happens)
  2. Wearing heeled shoes
  3. Putting chair legs or wheels on your mat


You should also avoid storing the mat horizontally – for example, leaning it up against the wall – as this can warp the shape.


Avoiding the above will help you get more wear out of your mat. If you want a mat for an office desk or other area where you may sit and stand, look for a small mat that can go in front of your chair.


Getting the most out of your anti-fatigue mat at work


Even with a mat, try to avoid standing for hours on end. The best way to use your anti-fatigue mat at your standing desk is to alternate between sitting and standing. Experts have suggested switching between these two options every few hours and working your way up to four hours of standing.


Whilst standing, try and vary your position a little to keep your circulation going and your muscles loose like – shifting your weight and going up on your tippy toes. Don’t forget to take breaks and go for little walks – refill your water bottle or go hug your kitty.


If you really want to up your ergonomic workstation to make yourself comfortable for all-day work, consider getting yourself a portable laptop stand and monitor arm.


Wrap Up – Final Verdict


Anti-fatigue mats are ideal for tired soles and souls, and I hope everyone gets a chance to try one out.


This article should have given you some ideas and inspiration as to which anti-fatigue mat is best for you at your standing desk. Whichever you pick, they should do wonders for your comfort at work.


our top 3 anti fatigue mat choice

Our top 3 anti-fatigue mats.


To recap – our top pick is Comfilife’s anti-fatigue mat because it hits the sweet spot between budget, and supportiveness. It’s thick, grippy, and comes in a range of sizes and colors with a great lifetime warranty.


However, if you like to stand for long hours, we’d strongly encourage a topographic mat to keep you moving with better circulation. The Topo (full sized or mini) is our top pick. Otherwise, the Sky Mat is also a great option and comes at a steal.


Let’s compare our top anti-fatigue mat:


Specifications ComfiLife ErgoDriven Topo Sky Solutions Ergodriven Topo Mini Kangaroo Original GelPro Nevermove StrongTek
Thickness 0.75” 2.5” 0.75” 2.47” 0.75” 0.5” mat & rug on top 2.2”
Size variations 20″ x 32″, 20″ x 39″, 24″ x 70″ 29″ x 26.25″ 20″ x 32″, 20″ x 39″, 24″ x 70″ 19.2″ x 25.2″ 17″ x 24″, 20″ x 32″, 20″ x 39″,
20″ x 48″, 20″ x 60″, 24″ x 70″
24″ x 34″, 24″ x 76″ 18″ x 13.9″
Materials Memory foam Polyurethane Memory foam Polyurethane Rubber Polyester PU Mat + Premium Plywood
Item weight (lbs) 3.29 8 2.74 4 3.39 4.89 6.69
Price $45.95 $119 $39.99 $79 $44.99 $59.95 $64.98
Full specifications