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Remote Work

Out of office? Yes please. Master the art of working remotely, successfully.

Advice and gadget reviews for remote workers. Learn to set up the home office of your dreams, become a digital nomad, or kick off your freelance career - why not?

7 wireless mice

The Best Wireless Mouse of 2023 (Tested & Ranked)

We’ve scoured the market to find the best wireless mice - and here they are!

Danielle Willatt

How to Write a Killer Resume for a Remote Work Position

Remote work is the new cool. In a 2021 report from Owl Labs, up to 64% of participants thought remote work is best for individual work. In fact – 32% of participants said they’d quit their job if they weren’t working remotely!   It’s clear that today’s workforce wants to work at their convenience —...

Bitcatcha Guest

seville classics airlift 360 keyboard tray

The 7 Best Keyboard Trays of 2023 for Your Workspace

  After much research, we reckon the best keyboard tray is the Humanscale 900 Standard Keyboard Tray for being an all-in-one package!   If you’ve already got yourself an ergonomic keyboard, mouse, and monitor arm but still feel discomfort – particularly in your arms and wrists – after long hours of typing, then perhaps a...

April 29

our 7 best usb microphones

The Best USB Microphones of 2023 for Calls, Streaming and More!

We’ve covered a range of USB microphones for different use cases. See our picks!

March 10

satechi thunderbolt 4 dock

The Best USB and USB-C Hubs Of 2023 (For PCs and Macs)

We’ve rounded up all the best USB and USB-C hubs depending on the peripherals you have and the ports that you need. Read on to see our top choices.

May 9

mechanical keyboards laid out on the floor

The Best Mechanical Keyboards In 2023 (Tried, Tested & Ranked!)

We’ve narrowed down these top 7 mechanical keyboards for what they offer typists for everyday use.

November 10

the use of monitor arms in your desk space

The Best Monitor Arms in 2023 for Your Workstation

A good quality monitor arm can increase your productivity. See our top picks!

March 10

man sitting by a desk talking on phone complaining about slow internet

Am I Being Throttled? This Could Be Why Your Home Internet Is Slow

Why COVID-19 might be slowing down your internet. Here's how to check if you're being throttled and what to do to speed things up.

February 8

What’s the Deal With Blue Light Glasses? Here’s Why You Might Need Them

After years of punishing my poor optic nerves, I finally invested in blue light glasses this year. And holy moly. What a difference it’s made.

December 14

3 types of computer chair

The Best Computer Chairs for Long Hours in 2023

A right computer chair can literally change your life. See our top picks!

May 31

our top choice of laptop stand

The Best Portable Laptop Stands To Save Your Neck In 2023

With the right tools, the whole world can be a workspace – We’ve found that a portable laptop stand can be the difference between a day of productive, immersive work and a sore neck.

July 11

best headsets

The Best Headsets For Working From Home in 2023

The best headsets for working from home combine great noise cancellation, comfort, high outgoing and incoming audio quality and long battery life. Here are the best 7 that do their job well, so you can too!

September 5

What’s the Deal With Standing Desks? A Guide

Daren Low

using standing desk converter

The Best Standing Desk Converters of 2023 for Your Work Needs

Danielle Willatt

clipart of a laptop searching free wifi network

How To Get Free Wifi Anywhere You Go (Without Regretting It)

How to get free Wi-Fi on-the-go. The trick is knowing where and how to look whilst staying safe.

February 9

person using a laptop sitting on a sofa

16 Easy Ways to Speed Up Your Internet in 2023 (That Actually Work)

Don't let your internet slow you down. Here are 16 fixes that anyone can do to speed up their internet connection.

February 8

How to Negotiate a Work From Home Agreement

Love it or loathe it – remote working has become a lot more viable since Covid-19.   Employees can be just as (or more!) productive working from home as in an office , and a lot of people really want to swap the rush hour commute for a short, sweet journey from bed to computer....

May 18

jobs that pay in bitcoin

Work for Bitcoin: 5 Sites to Find Jobs That Pay in Cryptocurrency

Ever wondered how you can work for Bitcoin? Here are 5 sites to find freelance and full-time jobs that pay in Bitcoin.

August 5

productivity hacks to work from home

4 Productivity Hacks To Work Like A Superhuman From Home

Who says productivity and pajamas don’t go together? Here’re 4 tips on how to supercharge your productivity whilst working from home.

October 12

how to Get Yourself Motivated

7 Effective Ways to Get Yourself Motivated (Even When You Can’t Be Bothered)

Feeling demotivated at work? Here's the pep talk you need to kickstart your drive again!

November 10

move to another country poster

How to Move to Another Country (An Ultimate Guide)

Whether you’re chasing your dreams to live abroad, work remotely, or more - Here are 13 steps I’ve learned to help you prepare.

July 7

man having a video call

17 Virtual Team Building Activities To Try With Your Remote Team

Remote working is more common than ever – and the only downside is communication. Here's the 17 best virtual team-building activities, and some success tips to improve relationships between colleagues.

July 21

Freelance Life

person jumping near brick walls

How To Know What We Don't Know: Skills Gap Analysis For Freelancers

How can we know what we don't know? Here's why every freelancer should be running a skills gap analysis to move their career forward.

Danielle Willatt

The 11 Best Websites For Freelance Designers To Score Gigs

Freelance design is one of the most in-demand jobs today. Here are some websites that high paying clients frequent to find talented freelancers!

Daren Low

video interview guide

The Freelancer’s Survival Guide to Video Interviews in 2023

Client interview got you nervous? Here are our top video interview tips to ace your next one and land the job, with or without pants.

October 12

establish daily routine to maintain work life balance

Work-Life Balance - Is it even possible if you have clients across multiple time zones?

Working across multiple time zones - the struggle is real. Here's how to manage your projects without going mad.

September 6

freelance platform for web developer

17 Legit Places for Any Web Developer to Find Freelance Work in 2023

Hey web developers, looking for freelance work? We’ve compiled a list of legit sites that offer frequent contracts (psst, you might even get a chance to work with Google and Disney!)

October 13

both hands typing on a typewriter

The Quickstart Guide to Becoming a Freelance Writer (Even Without Experience)

Curious about freelancing writing? Here's a guide on how to turn your gift of gab into gold, even without any previous experience.

October 20

eggs drawn with smiley faces

Why Every Freelancer Needs Client Reviews (& How to Ask for Them Nicely)

Positive client reviews are one of the most important (but overlooked) aspects of scoring great freelancing gigs! Here are great ways to start getting great testimonials.

October 20

doing freelance work for friends family

Should You Do Freelance Work for Friends and Family? Read This First

Freelancers will usually keep their personal and business life separate. But what do you do when it ends up colliding, and a friend becomes a client?

January 7

19 Legit Work From Home Jobs For Moms to Earn a Side Income

Freelancing is the perfect way for stay-at-home parents to earn extra income. Here are some legit and flexible freelance paths to earn money and blaze a new career path.

January 7

books help grow freelance career

12 Books That Will Help You Grow Your Freelance Career

We may not have transdimensional portals yet, but we do have books! Here’s a list of my favourite books for freelancers.

January 11

5 Common Reasons Why Freelancers Get Sued (And How To Avoid Them)

Did you know freelancers can get sued for copyright infringement... even when it’s their own work?! The worse part is, it’s more common than you can imagine. Here are the dumbest yet most common reasons freelancers get served.

January 11

how to have difficult conversation with clients

How to Have Difficult Conversations With Clients (Even if You Hate Confrontation)

Client late on their payments or throwing a tantrum? Here's how to put your foot down and stand up for yourself as a freelancer, even if you hate conflict.

January 11

How To Ask A Client For Payment Without Being Rude

Get Paid! How To Ask A Client For Payment Without Being Rude (+ Templates)

Clients ghosting you on payday? Here's how to request for payment whilst still keeping your professional cool.

July 22

photo of laptop and monitor

The 11 Best Job Sites to Find Real Remote Work (That Pay Well!)

We’ve done a thorough search across the web and compiled 11 of the best-paying and most reputable remote job sites around - Check them out now!

June 23

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