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If you want to know more about DreamHost’s shared hosting plans, which are highly rated and perfect for the professional blogger, than this interview with Kathleen Qiu, fashion designer and engineer (yes, she really is both of those things!) is a must-read.



Hello, Kathleen! Can you please tell us more about yourself?


I am originally from San Diego, California. I moved to Chicago five years ago to attend the University of Chicago, where I studied chemistry and psychology. Throughout my time there, I thought I was going to go into business or law, but when I graduated, I found my true passion in costume and fashion design. I currently design part-time, while I have a full time job that supports my dreams.


About two months ago, I moved to Tallahassee to become an engineer. I currently work as a Process Development Engineer at General Capacitor, although the majority of my previous work experience is in marketing. My parents still live in California, although they now live in Oakland, and I have a younger brother who lives in Washington DC.



You’ve truly gone from coast to coast! Now, Kathleen, you have a shared hosting plan with DreamHost, which features unlimited storage space, bandwidth and email accounts. How satisfied are you with the functionality of your email?

One thing about DreamHost is that even though email accounts come with unlimited storage, the webmail only allows attachments up to 7MB, so if I want to email a lot of sketches or images to someone, I am forced to use a mail client. This isn’t a huge issue for me, since I forward and send from my Gmail, but it is a bit annoying.


"…the webmail only allows attachments up to 7MB."



You also get unlimited FTP accounts. What has your experience been in regards to using FTP with your DreamHost account?

Their web FTP is very limited as far as functionality. I have to use an external FTP client, which isn’t a problem if I’m working on my website from my home computer. But if I am out and need to work on my website from a different computer, I wouldn’t be able to do everything I might want to.



You have an ecommerce site. Do you feel that the personal customer information you store on DreamHost’s servers is relatively safe?

I do feel that the data is safe. Not only do they provide a wide variety of resources and information for my personal security control, but they have a fantastic customer service team that I know will be able to answer any concerns that I might have.


"…they provide a wide variety of resources and information for my personal security control…"



What do you consider one of the best features of your shared hosting plan with DreamHost?


I really like the unlimited storage because it means I never really have to be concerned about the size of files or how many I am uploading to their servers.


What do you think of the proprietary control panel DreamHost provides instead of cPanel or vDeck? Is it easy to use?


Absolutely. The dashboard is extremely easy to use and navigate. I can find anything I want in a short amount of time and I don’t think I’m in a maze. The other web host I have used for various employers is GoDaddy, and even after months of usage, I feel like I have to navigate a maze every time I need to find something. I spent the majority of the time just Googling where things were to not waste more time. With DreamHost, I am able to find everything within moments. If not, I can visit their Wiki pages, which explain everything clearly.


"With DreamHost, I am able to find everything within moments."



Most of us will need a bit of help from time to time. So, I’m curious to know about your experience with DreamHost’s tech support/customer service department.


It has been absolutely fantastic. The one experience that sticks out to me is when I was trying to edit my website from WordPress. I don’t know what I did, but my whole site went blank. This was about midnight, and I sent off a frantic message to DreamHost. By 6 am, my entire site was back live, and they had fixed all issues.



It sounds like you’ve had a great experience with DreamHost, overall. I have to ask, would you recommend this host to other ecommerce site owners?


Yes, it’s definitely a great value for the options provided. DreamHost is also always supportive and makes me feel like a valued customer.


"DreamHost is also always supportive and makes me feel like a valued customer."



Thank you Kathleen for your time. Readers, do head over to Kathleen’s site for her fantastic works.


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