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Although GoDaddy is a web host with which most people are familiar, it isn’t always easy to determine if they have the right solution for your website hosting needs. Luckily, we had the chance to interview Curtis Boyd, of Future Solutions Media, an online reputation management company. The company has over 900 customers and they have used GoDaddy to host their website for more than a year, which, according to Curtis, is a good thing! He loves GoDaddy and here is why.


Curtis, you have an interesting business. Could you tell us about yourself and how you got started in the online reputation management business?


Sure! I grew up in Manhattan Beach, California, home of excellent surfing and close to the hub of where internet marketing and social media really took off. I come from a nursing background but decided I needed change so I started my own marketing company five years ago. There are a lot of marketing firms here in L.A. so I developed a niche to help people create an online presence and manage their reputation online. In my spare time, I enjoy surfing, traveling, cooking and spending time with my friends and family.



Your site is very nicely done and I understand that you host it with GoDaddy. Why did you choose this hosting company over other choices?

I chose GoDaddy because when I first started doing things online I found them first. I found them to be convenient and easy to use and their customer service is always amazing.


"I found them to be convenient and easy to use and their customer service is always amazing. "



That’s good to know because a lot of readers ask that very question – and we’ll talk about that in a minute. GoDaddy offers quite a few different hosting plans. Which one did you choose?


I use GoDaddy’s Deluxe Linux plan. I chose this because it allowed me the space to host multiple websites, and I prefer the Linux OS. I think it’s working great for my needs, which are rather basic and I only need a few sites hosted simultaneously.


Note: GoDaddy hosting offers 3 type of shared host packages: Economy, Deluxe & Ultimate. Currently GoDaddy Deluxe Plan is selling at $9.99 $5.99 per month.



What is your experience with GoDaddy’s customer service/technical support department? Do you contact them often? How do they respond?


It seems I have to contact support weekly because I’m not very good with databases and servers and the technical issues involved. It’s always due to problems on my end, or just questions I have about trying to add more features to my site. Usually it takes less than a minute to get someone on the phone. They are always competent and informative.


"Usually it takes less than a minute to get someone on the phone."


Recently I was trying to figure out how to install a WordPress add-on to my website. This issue was technically outside of their domain – but they helped me anyway. They guided me through the whole process. They are also helpful in reminding me if a product is about to expire.



It sounds like you have had a great experience using GoDaddy for your hosting in the past year. What is one or more of the best features of this website hosting?


I think their servers are very reliable, and the hosting is very easy to use – perfect for a first time website developer.


"…perfect for a first time website developer."



Any negatives to hosting with GoDaddy?


I do feel like GoDaddy slightly overcharges, especially in comparison to their competition, but since I have a good, pre-existing business relationship with them I don’t mind paying a little more.



What about email? Do you use an email address associated with your web hosting account?


In regards to GoDaddy email, they have software called WorkSpace – I love it! They provide an app for both iPhone and Android, so all of us here in the office can access work email on our phones. It’s very user-friendly and works great.



You use the WordPress CMS on your site. How well does GoDaddy support that?


In regards to WordPress features, I have found the customer service staff very patient and helpful when I try to explain how I want my website to function. They make great recommendations for add-ons, and help me navigate the administrative backend to install it properly and get it working.



Would you recommend this hosting company to others in the online marketing industry or business owners in general?


I would definitely recommend GoDaddy. I think basic hosting plans are pretty much the same, until you get into high-performance areas. I just know that for my limited needs, GoDaddy has been great.


"I would definitely recommend GoDaddy."



Thank you, Curtis, for offering your opinion and sharing your experience with GoDaddy.


To learn more about GoDaddy, please read editor’s GoDaddy hosting review.

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