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SellerEcom 2022: Here Comes The First SEA eCommerce Seller Summit (And It’s Free!)

Daren Low
March 26, 2023

Are you an e-business owner based in South East Asia who dreams of world domination?


A pretty unique event is coming your way.


SellerEcom 2022 is on the horizon and is the very first SEA eCommerce summit of its kind. Below are all the juicy details.


What is the SellerEcom eCommerce Summit?


SEA E-commerce seller summit 2022 banner


In a nutshell, SellerEcom is a virtual eCommerce conference that kicks off from July 27 – 29 2022.


But whilst virtual business events tend to come a dime a dozen, this isn’t your typical eComms conference.


Instead, it has a very particular theme and objective.


The event is aimed at any SEA-based business owners who are looking to expand their e-businesses beyond their local markets to a global customer base. By connecting these business owners with experts who are already operating in this space, this event hopes to provide real value to help fast-track your expansion into the US or Europe.


The brains behind the event are PayRecon, a Malaysian multichannel eCommerce selling solution, and the event planning company BOOM SEA.


Best of all – the event is completely free! Interested parties need simply register for a ticket to join, network, learn and grow.


Who are the invited speakers?


The organizers have invited a range of eCommerce professionals to share their case studies and engage in hands-on sharing sessions.


So far, they’ve 16+ diverse speakers lined up, including authoritative voices like Amazon US’s top sellers, Shopee & Lazada experts, US fulfillment owners, and more.


Speakers will be dialing in from all parts of the world – including the United Kingdom, Malaysia, the United States, Taiwan, and more.


Who is the SellerEcom summit ideal for?


If you’re interested in eCommerce and want to learn from top sellers and seasoned experts in their field – this may be for you.


The event will see a gathering of online sellers at various stages of their eCommerce journey, all with the common interest of wanting to expand their e-businesses internationally. Whether you’re an eCommerce beginner, or a mature seller, you’re set to learn something.


As well as connecting to other professionals, attendees will also learn about eCommerce trends that are dominating in 2022 and hear fresh perspectives about a post-pandemic world.


It’s a chance to develop networks and learn valuable strategies to help boost your business and sales.


What eCommerce topics will they be exploring?


Attendees will hear from experts on everything from brand building and international selling, to eCommerce logistics and marketing. Participants will also be able to attend masterclasses in LIVE Commerce, SEO, Content Marketing, Google Ads and more.


Most of all – you’ll learn how to expand your business beyond your home market in a fast and sustainable manner. Some topic highlights include:


  1. Cross Border Sales
    Learn exactly to grow your cross-border sales through marketplaces like Amazon.
  2. Logistics, Warehousing, Fulfillment
    Understand the ins and outs of logistics and fulfillment.
  3. Marketplaces and Multichannel selling
    Master the power of marketplaces like Shopee and Lazada to reach the right customers.
  4. Brand-building
    Learn how to build an iconic global brand through the power of social media and relevant branding strategies.
  5. Payment gateways
    See how a right payment gateway can keep your ecommerce transactions safe + customers happy.
  6. Hosting
    Understand the important details of web hosting, and building an eCommerce store.
  7. Digital Marketing
    Get your head around the winning combo of SEO & high-quality content to reap in organic traffic to your website.
  8. Accounting
    Learn the best eCommerce accounting strategies to save you the heartache of transactional data management, taxes and bookkeeping.


It’s completely free – Register for your ticket now!


If the sound of all this floats your boat, we recommend you secure your place quickly.


To register, simply head to and sign yourself up for what’s set to be a valuable learning experience.


About The Author

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