Content Upgrades – The Fastest Way To More Subscribers (The Definitive Email Marketing Guide Part 2)

09/11/2016 by  Daren Low  in Email Marketing

Building an email list is the single most important thing you can do for your online business.   It’s the most lucrative and effective form of online marketing. But unfortunately, it’s far from easy.   If you’ve been building your list one by one, you know how tricky it is!   In part 1 of […]

Your Online Store in 19 Minutes: How To Set Up Shopify (The Complete Shopify Guide Part 1)

31/10/2016 by  Ben Brown  in Shopify

Shopify is hands-down the easiest way to set up an online store.   Whether you want to make a little extra money on the side or make it your full time job, Shopify is the fastest way to get online and start selling.   In fact, I just timed it from start to finish and […]

The 11 Highest Converting Sign-up Forms (The Definitive Email Marketing Guide Part 1)

19/10/2016 by  Daren Low  in Email Marketing

Building an email list is the single most important thing you can do for your online business.   I don’t say this lightly. After all, I know how important social media, SEO, and other digital marketing tricks can be.   But none of them come close to the power of email.     Email marketing […]

6 Ways To Increase the Maximum Upload File Size in WordPress

04/10/2016 by  Mustaasam Saleem  in WordPress

This is a guest post by Mustaasam Saleem from Cloudways.   When you have a WordPress website, you have to upload files every now and then to keep your site active and pretty. So you need to know that there is more than one way to upload your picture, theme, or any other content to […]

How Blogger Jitendra Vaswani Successfully Launched a New WordPress Plugin

20/09/2016 by  Daren Low  in Success Stories

At Bitcatcha, we are happy to welcome Jitendra Vaswani, founder of internet marketing blog, Bloggersideas and creator of the WordPress plugin, SchemaNinja. We wanted to learn more about how Jitendra started from scratch and created a very successful internet business. Here are his tips for developing a blog and successfully launching a new product.   […]

17 Businesses That Are Cashing In On Pokemon Go (& How You Can Too)

02/09/2016 by  Ben Brown  in Marketing

Pokemon Go is a bonafide phenomenon. It topped the ‘highest grossing’ app chart in the US App Store in just a few days, before going on to launch in 69 countries (and counting).   Here are just a few more crazy statistics:     … And four weeks of my life I’ll never get back. […]

18 E-commerce Sites With Flawless UX-Design (& 3 Big Names That Suck)

24/08/2016 by  Ben Brown  in UX Design

If you joined us for for our UX article earlier this month, you’ll know that we discussed the 25 essential UX design elements for your website.   The basic idea is this: UX design is all about getting inside the head of your visitor. It’s about creating a simple, seamless, and enjoyable experience for your […]

Your Web Copy Matters: 10 Experts Tell You How to Make it Better

17/08/2016 by  Susan Payton  in Copywriting

If your website is like your welcome mat, then your web copy is the aroma that greets people when they’re on your doorstep. Do they smell warm, inviting chocolate chip cookies or garbage? In other words: does your web copy entice people to spend time on your website or run to the competitors?   I […]

The Complete 25-Trick UX-Design Checklist

10/08/2016 by  Daren Low  in UX Design

The idea behind UX design is simple: happy, confident users are more likely to buy from you. They’re more likely to trust you, sign up to your mailing lists, or download your app.   I often think of user experience design (or UX design) as psychology rather than development.   Good UX design is all […]

The Psychology of Gamification in 2016: Why It Works (& How To Do It!)

02/08/2016 by  Ben Brown  in Web Development

We all love Super Mario Bros, right? Or perhaps you’re more of a Candy Crush person…   But does gaming (or gamification) have a place in your business?     Well, if you ask Nike – whose fitness app is a masterpiece of gamification – the answer is a resounding yes.   Gamifiation has become a bit […]

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