The Perfect Subject Line: These 18 Tricks Will Help You Nail It (The Definitive Email Marketing Guide Part 5)

10/02/2017 by  Daren Low  in Email Marketing

Subject lines make or break your email campaign.   Heck, they can make or break your business.   Email marketing is the most effective and lucrative way to connect with your customers. But if your subscribers aren’t opening your emails, you’re missing out on a ton of sales and conversions.     The numbers make […]

19 Simple Tricks To Get A 40% Email Open Rate (The Definitive Email Marketing Guide Part 4)

02/02/2017 by  Daren Low  in Email Marketing

If you’ve ever sent an email campaign, you know ‘the fear’ of pressing the ‘send’ button.   You’re about to send thousands of emails out there, but will anyone open them?   According to a recent report, the average email open rate is 22.87%. But it’s possible to get this much higher with a few clever […]

“How Do I Attract Customers??” The First 7 Steps To Promoting Your Shopify Store (The Complete Shopify Guide Part 4)

27/01/2017 by  Ben Brown  in Shopify

It’s been short and sweet, but our four-part Shopify guide finally comes to an end with this guide to promote a Shopify store!   This last section is the hard part, but it’s also the most rewarding.   So far, we’ve got your store online, added some products, and supercharged it with Shopify’s advanced features. […]

What are AMP Pages and How to Create One for Your WordPress Site

19/01/2017 by  Emin Sinanyan  in WordPress

This is a guest post by Emin Sinanyan from Amberd Design Studio.   The world is busier than ever and keeping up with the needs of your clients has become both easier and more difficult with the introduction of smartphones. They are great for reach, because it is simpler to engage people. However, smartphones do […]

Step-by-Step Guide to Starting A Shopify Store Around Your 9-5 Job

10/01/2017 by  Ben Brown  in Shopify

Everyone reading this has one thing in common. You dream big, right?   You’re full of ideas and bursting with inspiration. You can picture yourself as an entrepreneur, growing a successful business from home with an online store.     Perhaps you’d like a way to escape your 9-5 or just want a little extra […]

Boost Engagement & Revenue With An Email Welcome Series (The Definitive Guide to Email Marketing Part 3)

22/12/2016 by  Daren Low  in Email Marketing

You wouldn’t ask someone to marry you on the first date, right?   By any standards, it’s coming on a little strong!   You’ve got to make a good first impression and build a relationship over time. Then you can pop the big question.   Internet marketing is sort-of similar.   You can’t force someone […]

Shopify SEO: 9 Essentials To Boost Your Store’s Google Rank (The Complete Shopify Guide Part 3)

15/12/2016 by  Ben Brown  in Shopify

Your Shopify store is set up, it looks great, and the first orders are coming in. Perfect!   The next big step is generating some serious traffic through Google.   Just imagine. If your online store was on Google’s first page of results, you could generate sales without having to spend a penny on advertising. […]

Never Get Hacked Again: A Security Ninja Review

08/12/2016 by  Daren Low  in WordPress

Everyone remembers the first time they get hacked.   For me, it was a few years back. I loaded up one of my sites to see a pirate ship and bright neon text saying, “HaCKed bY piRateZ.”   I’m not the only one either. Approximately 30,000 websites are hacked every day. It costs businesses billions. […]

Why Should You Connect Etsy to a Wix Site & How To Do It In 10 Minutes

23/11/2016 by  Sharon McElwee  in Wix

Etsy has grown from an unknown website to buy cool handmade stuff to a publicly-traded company that sold over 2 billion US dollars in merchandise last year.   If you’re selling handmade goods or unique digital downloads, Etsy has over 50 million active users buying and selling so you’ll have no problem finding customers. You […]

11 Shopify Features You Didn’t Know About (But They’ll Rocket Your Sales): The Complete Shopify Guide Part 2

16/11/2016 by  Ben Brown  in Shopify

Got a Shopify store? Ready to take it to the next level? Ready to make more sales with less effort? Let’s go.   In Part 1 of the Complete Shopify Guide, we walked through the simple process of setting up a Shopify store from scratch (and how to get online in just 19 minutes).   […]

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