Making $15,000 PER POST. Why Instagram Is Now The Best Social Network For Online Retailers

27/11/2015 by  Ben Brown  in Social Media

Forget Facebook. Forget Twitter.   Instagram is now the most important social media for online retailers.   It’s not just selfies, smoothies, and cute kittens out there! This is a serious return on investment. It’s making independent online store owners thousands.   Why?   Because Instagram posts gather more engagement than Facebook and Twitter combined. […]

8 Simple Methods To Drive More Sales For The Holidays

23/11/2015 by  James Johnson  in Marketing

The holiday season is always…uneasy.   You don’t know if sales are going to boom. Or, if they’re going to plummet.   Which means at the time of year you should be spending enjoying yourself, you’re not.   Instead you’re worrying and working long days and trying to figure out how to eek every last […]

6 Reasons Why Website Speed Matters & How Amazon Would Lose $1.6 Billion If It Slowed Down

17/11/2015 by  Daren Low  in Web Development

How long do you wait for a website to load?   Well, according to statistics, half of us don’t even wait two seconds for website content to pop up!   That’s why I created the Bitcatcha speed checker. I wanted to make sure my server was reacting as fast as possible. And I want to […]

1,000 Words In One Hour. Go! How To Blog Hard & Fast

13/11/2015 by  Ben Brown  in Copywriting

Hi there.   Welcome to my first contribution here at Bitcatcha. Thanks Daren, for having me!   I thought long and hard about where to start, but there was only one obvious place for me: writing.   Writing 1,000 words is something I do every single day. It has helped me grow businesses (my own, […]

6 Ways to Get Your Website Ready for Holiday Traffic

09/11/2015 by  Candace Morehouse  in Sales Funnel

Did you know? Nearly half of the average retailer’s sales for the year occur in November and December. That same amount of consumers actually start their holiday shopping before Halloween, however. Is your company’s website ready to handle the extra load? Now is the time to ensure that everything is in place to attract the […]

The 9 Laws Of SEO Copywriting: How To Get On Google’s First Page

03/11/2015 by  Daren Low  in Copywriting

I’ve got an eye-watering statistic for you.   The first three sites on Google’s results page gobble up 66% of all search traffic.   If you want serious visitor numbers, your website needs to appear in those top three results!   The answer lies in cleverly crafted copywriting. It’s words that make Google take notice […]

How To Write Content That Gets Thousands Of Views (& A Real Blog Template You Can Steal)

26/10/2015 by  Daren Low  in Copywriting

Writing is hard.   Trust me, I’ve sat in front an empty Word document frustrated and confused more times than I’d care to admit.   And when you finally do put pen to paper, it’s heartbreaking when your article gets just a trickle of views online.   Meanwhile, the bigger blogs are getting millions of […]

The 9 Secrets of Writing Irresistible Headlines (Used By All The Biggest Blogs)

19/10/2015 by  Daren Low  in Copywriting

You won’t believe how important headlines are. This blogger tells you how to write the perfect title.   You’ve probably seen headlines like this all over the internet. Now, I don’t know about you, but some titles and headlines are getting out of hand.   But, competition for views and attention online is fierce. And, […]

8 Reasons Why Your Copy Isn’t Selling Anything

12/10/2015 by  Daren Low  in Copywriting

Bad copy kills conversion rates.   While good copy attracts lots of lovely clicks, shares, and sales!   It’s phenomenal how a few small words can double or triple sales and conversions.   I’ve been testing the copy and wording on my own websites over the last few years to see how the conversion rates […]

Want A Unique Tone-Of-Voice Like Nike & Innocent Smoothies? Here’s How.

02/10/2015 by  Daren Low  in Copywriting

Every good copywriter lives by one rule:   It’s not what you say, it’s how you say.   Good copy doesn’t just give you information. Good copy makes you feel something.   And that all comes down to tone. So before you decide what to write, take a second to think about how to write. […]

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