Want A Unique Tone-Of-Voice Like Nike & Innocent Smoothies? Here’s How.

02/10/2015 by  Daren Low  in Copywriting

Every good copywriter lives by one rule:   It’s not what you say, it’s how you say.   Good copy doesn’t just give you information. Good copy makes you feel something.   And that all comes down to tone. So before you decide what to write, take a second to think about how to write. […]

The First Rule of Copywriting? No-one’s Reading Your Copy

28/09/2015 by  Daren Low  in Copywriting

… At least, not in the way you think they are.   Sorry to burst your bubble.   And it’s a tough pill to swallow for copywriters and bloggers everywhere.   But it’s true. Less than 16% of people read web pages word by word.   We don’t read on the internet. We skim. We […]

Must. Click. Button! 7 Steps To Creating A Magnetic Call-To-Action Button (With Real Examples)

16/09/2015 by  Daren Low  in Sales Funnel

This series has been all about doubling your conversion rates.   And now, we’re at the most important part. After taking your customers on the perfect user journey, you’ve got them in the palm of your hand. There’s only one thing left for them to do:   Click the buy button.   It’s the simplest, […]

How To Create An Irresistible Lead Magnet That Boosts Email Signups

11/09/2015 by  Daren Low  in Sales Funnel

  Did you know that 96% of people that land on your website aren’t ready to buy from you straight away?   There’s a long road from landing on a website to buying a product. But don’t worry. Those 96% are not all lost! You just need to work a little harder to convince them. […]

Double Your Conversions Part 3: How To Build A Sales Funnel That Converts (& Plug The Leaks!)

07/09/2015 by  Daren Low  in Sales Funnel

Imagine taking every single visitor to your website and pouring them into a giant funnel.   Thousands of customers pouring into the top, and neatly out the bottom. Buying your product as they go.   Sounds like a perfect system doesn’t it? Well, that’s the plan anyway! In this series of posts, we’re looking at […]

Double Your Conversion Part 2: Lead Customers Right Where You Want Them With A User Journey Map

02/09/2015 by  Daren Low  in Sales Funnel

Thousands of your potential customers could be getting lost on your website. They’re going round and round in circles looking for information and answers.   This causes people to abandon your site, which slows down your conversion rates. What’s the answer? Create a simple user journey map that leads them straight to your holy grail […]

Double Your Conversions Part 1: Define Your Conversion Goals

28/08/2015 by  Daren Low  in Sales Funnel

In this five part guide, I’m going to help you double your conversion rates.   That’s twice as many sales. Twice as many email signups. Double your business.   Sound good?   Before we get stuck in, let’s go right back to basics.     What Is A Conversion?   A conversion is when your […]

WordPress Users, You Need These 11 Essential Plugins on Your New Site

24/08/2015 by  Daren Low  in WordPress

WordPress plugins are the addons and extras that turn your site into a powerful machine.   There are over 30,000 of them out there, each designed to make your site stronger, better equipped, and more profitable. They slot into your WordPress website to give you more flexibility and functionality.   This series of blogs is […]

The Ten Best WordPress Themes For Your Online Store in 2015 (All WooCommerce Compatible!)

19/08/2015 by  Daren Low  in WordPress

The design and style of your website is your first chance to impress your customers.   Luckily, WordPress make it super easy to create a style that works for you. By downloading a ‘theme’, you can hand-pick the look of your site, without touching a line of code.   Before I jump into my ten […]

A Beginner’s Guide To WooCommerce & The 8 Essential Extensions

14/08/2015 by  Daren Low  in WordPress

Here at Bitcatcha, I love helping people grow their business ideas. In fact, I recently ran a big article on how to set up your first online store.   There, I suggested using the WooCommerce plugin for WordPress. A lot of people have asked for more information about this toolkit, so today I’m digging a […]