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This is a guest post by Niraj from Hiver.


"Congrats! You have won a million bucks"


Remember those shady messages that made you almost believe that making money from the internet was nothing but a big scam? Over the course of time, this myth has been busted with more and more people turning into full-time bloggers, many of whom have gone on to make a large sums of income.


Yes! There are more than a few who are unable to successfully monetize their blogs. One of the major reasons being their eagerness to make a quick buck – patience is the name of the game.


Secondly, they tend to put all their eggs in one basket instead use a mix of different revenue streams to monetize the blog. The first one is on you, the second one is where I might be able to help you.


The world of blogging provides many ways of making money but it’s important to know in-depth about all of them because one size doesn’t fit all. Based on the theme of your blog, choose a mix of streams that help in generating credible revenue.


Apply these smart tactics based on the stage your blog is in its life cycle. Once you have reached #5, congratulations! your blog has made it.


Ready to rake in some moolah? Learn how to make actual money from your blogs.


1. Affiliate marketing


By definition, affiliate marketing is a tactic by which retailers pay commission to external websites for traffic or sales generated from its referrals. It’s one of the most used and in some cases overused methods of generating income from blogs.


To make actual money, don’t go overboard which makes your blog seem ‘salesy’. Readers are not there for the promotions, they want to read your content, by having too many affiliate links you might kill your own traffic. One affiliate link per article is more than enough.


An affiliate link, out of context can ruin the appeal of your content, insert them in such a way that they look organic. If it’s a link to a product, then give your review on the product. When you create a context for your readers, a link would seem like a natural fit.


Pinch of Yum is a good example of how you can use affiliate marketing for a blog with a niche theme. With a host of affiliate programs that includes – cookbooks, WordPress themes, Aweber, recipes, to name a few, the popular exclusive food blog makes about $20,000 per month.  


pinch of yum header


2. Link building


Guest blogging is a great way for:


  1. Bringing traffic to your website
  2. Gaining higher domain authority, the higher your authority the more credible you are in the eyes of Google (Good for your SEO).


All these factors make you an eye candy for advertisers and that’s where you hit the jackpot. Unfortunately, many of the bloggers misuse link building, which forces Google to blacklist them. For the sake of your blog, follow the best practices for link building. This coupled with a little bit of patience and you will see the results coming in.


Here are some key points to remember when building links through guest blogging:


  • Write guest blogs on sites which have topics similar to you. Google’s algorithm strictly forbids link building between two sites that are not related together.
  • Research the host blog site before giving any topic suggestions. If the ideas are not related to their line of interest or if they have already been written, all your brainstorming efforts will go to waste.
  • Once your blog topic is accepted, write an original article. Do not add more than one or two links (include these links as anchor text).
  • Track and measure the results of your link building exercise, it helps you to assess which sites are bringing the most traffic.


3. Give a review


This should be your next step after you achieve a sizeable traffic on your blog. Businesses will send you their products and ask you to write a review in the hopes of promoting it among your audience.


Writing a product review is one of the most lucrative ways of making money. But, many bloggers, see the money trail and haphazardly start writing reviews on almost anything and everything. They accept sponsorships from product companies that have no relation to their blogs.


Be mindful when selecting your sponsors, if a product review does not resonate with your audience, your money trail is not going to last long. If you are confused as to which product should you choose to advocate, one of the simpler ways is using surveys. It’s like collecting customer feedback from your readers on what kind of reviews they would like to see.


Audience surveys make both marketers and bloggers happy. Businesses and bloggers can expect users to have a genuine engagement with their products and blogs respectively. Moreover, readers would share your reviews among their peers, friends, and families, which invariably brings in new traffic on your blog.


Verge is one of the best tech blogs with a huge reader base. DJI, a drone manufacturer company, approached Verge to review DJI Spark. The review gave readers an insightful scoop on the new drone and DJI saw a lot of people talking about their drone – a win-win situation for all.


verge article


4. Google AdSense


It’s one of the most popular and simplest ways of making money for first-time bloggers.With Google Adsense, display ads on your blog site and when a user clicks on them, you earn a commission from the advertiser.


Once you have set up your Google AdSense account, make sure you read the guidelines carefully and understand what you can and cannot do. This is important because many first time bloggers have a knack for jumping ahead of themselves.


After reading a couple of blog posts on ‘finding hacks to Google AdSense’, first-time bloggers think they are in a position to fool Google. As naive as it may be, most bloggers end up being flagged and their blog sites are eventually blacklisted. Understand how Google AdSense works and use it to your advantage, instead of trying to outsmart it.


Google AdSense works on the principle of Google Adwords, these are keywords that help advertisers choose which sites to put their ad. So make sure your blog site has all the essential keywords that will convince advertisers. To increase your chances, use long tail keywords. It helps marketers to understand whether your blog theme will be suitable for their audience.


5. Sell your services


This is where you go from being a blogger to an entrepreneur, you will have all the control, from creating content to marketing it. The more you work at it, the more money you make. This is why it’s one of the most reliable streams to generate revenue from.


Once you have gained enough reader base and have raised enough capital, create your own products and services. These products can range from – webinars, eBooks, software, plug-ins, apps, to a host of other digital products.


Don’t forget to add a landing page link on your blog, so people can know about your product. Include features and benefits and make sure to mention how this creation of yours can help to solve reader’s problems. Here are some other things to consider before you start selling your product:


  • Take an audience survey to understand what kind of products/services to create.
  • Decide the channels you are going to promote your services on, make sure they align with the nature of your services
  • Create something original, plagiarism or theft of intellectual property will leave you high and dry. Your readers will stop seeing you as a trustworthy source and all your hard work will go to waste.


Check out how Keen IO, an analytic platform, promotes products on its own blog. It has a direct link to the product page on the menu bar.


Keen IO


Winding up


To make money using black hat tricks is easy, to make actual money while abiding the guidelines – that’s tough. But in the long run, it’s the ones who follow the rules that laugh all the way to the bank.


What most first time bloggers tend to be unaware off is that to make actual money from blogs, you need to have patience. Ultimately,  It’s a slow process requiring a long-term commitment and a set of right ethics.


What are you waiting for? Create your blog site and start promoting it.


About The Author

Niraj is the founder of Hiver, an app that turns Gmail into a powerful customer support and collaboration tool. When not working at Hiver on programming or customer support, Niraj likes to play guitar. Niraj can be reached on Twitter @nirajr.

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