HostGator Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale 2017

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Cyber Monday Sale Extended : 

Today (28th Nov) is the last day for massive discount! Do grab the free money before it vanishes.


Every year Black Friday happens on the day following Thanksgiving. It is a day where the biggest sale event happening in the States. Merchants give crazy discounts and deals. It also marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping.


For web hosting industry, it is common that web hosting providers give out big discount on their hosting plans. The sale usually starts a few days before Black Friday, and extended over the weekend into Monday. On Monday, sale usually continues as Cyber Monday Sale. Some company will run the sale until the month end.


Cyber Monday HostGator 2017


This year 2017, HostGator is giving out huge discount. They are doing two different campaigns. One is the standard Black Friday Cyber Monday daily discount; another one is their famously known hour flash sale. Hour flash sale happens when HostGator gives out huge discount (greater than the already great discount) for only 60 minutes. Hour flash sale happen a few times thorough a day. Their discount goes as followed:


  1. Daily Sale – 65% off on all HostGator hosting plans $5.99 select domains
    – Use Code: 2017CM
  2. Hour Flash Sale 80% off on all HostGator hosting plans $2.99 select domains.
    – Next one start at 10am Central Time (28th Nov) – Use Code: 2017CM6


As you see, the Hour flash sale is simply irresistible. This is the best time if you want to switch host or get a new host package!


* The next hour flash sale starts at 10am Central Time (28th Nov) – Use Code: 2017CM6


Who is HostGator & How’s the performance?


HostGator has been one of the most popular and reputable website hosting companies in the world. The company is founded by Brent Oxley back in 2002 and then acquired by the massive Endurance International Group (NASDAQ: EIGI) in year 2012. According to 2013 record, Hostgator host over 9 millions websites and has over 400,000 customers.


In Bitcatcha we track the performance of Hostgator. We have reviewed the host inside out and they appear to be one of our top recommended host. For the complete review, please read our HostGator review.


The launch of HostGator Cloud Hosting


In 2016, HostGator launched their cloud hosting and it is the game changers for many. We run test sites on their cloud and we have recorded great performance. HostGator Cloud comes in 3 different plans. We have reviewed their cloud plan thoroughly and we encourage you to check them out here.


Cyber Monday HostGator 2017


Black Friday is over now. But the sale is NOT. However the time is very limited. If you are still considering HostGator, I urge you to take action and subscribe to HostGator hosting with their Cyber Monday sale. HostGator offers a 45-day money back guarantee so you are pretty much covered.


The sale is coming to an end soon. However there are still a few more Hour Flash Sale on their way. Do not miss the free money.


* The next hour flash sale starts at 10am Central Time (28th Nov) – Use Code: 2017CM6



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