The D/M Summit 2019 – A Data Science & Marketing Online Summit by LEAD

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If you’re a data-driven marketer, then boy oh boy are you in for a treat!


If you’re not, best get crackin’ cause here’s a great opportunity to learn about the immense value data analytics can provide for your business.


The good folks at LEAD is organizing a Data Science & Marketing Summit or D/M Summit, where the top minds in marketing, artificial intelligence and big data will be sharing their valued insights about what technology and marketing can do to produce the results you want.


DM Summit 2019


* Early access price closes by 20th September


Who is LEAD


The people behind LEAD founded the company to provide physical and online courses on IT related skills, like web development, app programming, digital marketing & data science. They’re currently focusing on 3 main subjects:


  • Data Science
  • Full Stack Web Development
  • Digital Marketing


The mentors teaching the courses are professional developers, data scientists and marketers attached to real-life high-profile projects, so you know they’re well versed in their respective industries. As a matter of fact, you’ll be getting real, actionable insights and strategies from the best professionals in the business!


Speaker Highlights


The D/M Summit isn’t just your regular run-of-the-mill, all talk kind of summit. Over 25 speakers are specially selected for their expertise on a subject and tasked to provide us with actionable insights, their expert knowledge, present us with case studies and give a 360 degree perspective in their field of work.


Expect to hear from the best minds in the industry, like:


  • Dr Lau Cher Han – Chief Data Scientist, Founder of LEAD.
  • Theng Hui – Head of Artificial Intelligence, PLUS Malaysia Berhad
  • Jonathan Oh – CEO and Co-Founder, SupplyCar
  • Ahfaaz Mehboob – SAVP, Senior Data Scientist, Astro
  • Francesca Chia – Co-Founder, GoGet Malaysia
  • Karan Tyagi – CEO, PeoplExperience
  • Trent Young – Director, Asia MarketIn
  • Kim Ming Teh – Principal Data Scientist, Insight Flows


You can expect more at the summit because they’re still adding topics and speakers to the list. You’ll get to directly chat with them, grill them for answers, and dig their brains for solutions to any issues you’re currently facing with your business.


Here’s a little something the speakers have to say regarding their industries:


Zi Yuan, Co-founder of Tide Analytics

Analytics is an amazing tool for bigger companies to understand their business better, gain more insights as to how their current customer pool is responding to their products and services, then strategize for growth in user acquisition and retention. – Zi Yuan, Tide Analytics


Johnathan Oh, CEO of SupplyCart

Definitely having data, Machine Learning and AI integrated into businesses is going to be the future. Any business that is not looking into automating or changing these processes is going to have a tough hill to climb in the future. – Johnathan Oh, SupplyCart


Wayne Liew, Head of Advertising, Mindvalley

Many people who are getting started with posting content online forget this very important thing. It’s your audience. Do you even have it? Unless you only want to reach your coworkers, friends and family members, chances are, you need to actively find ways to expand your audience. – Wayne Liew, Mindvalley


Warren Leow, VP of Inmagine Group

My conclusion is responsible businesses need to leverage technology to complement and generate more gainful employment, and not curtail it for the masses. – Warren Leow, Inmagine Group


Another thing that’s interesting about the D/M Summit is that it’s 100% online, so you won’t need to take time off from work, get stuck in traffic and fight others for parking to attend the talks.


2 Tracks 2 Cover Them All


The organizers of the D/M Summit split their topics into two tracks:


  1. The data science track
  2. The marketing track


The data science track


Perfect for those of us interested in big data, AI, and IoT. You’ll want to check out topics like these:


  • The State of Data Science & AI
    (by Dr. Lau Cher Han, Chief Data Scientist)
  • How Companies Can Embrace Data Science
    (by Edmund Hee, Data Scientist at AirAsia)
  • Steps To Deploy Machine Learning for Business
    (by Theng Hui, Head of Artificial Intelligence, PLUS)
  • How To Prepare A Manufacturing Plant for Industry 4.0
    (by Wai Kit Kong, Data Team Lead for GBG)
  • How Data Science Can Transform F&B B2B Landscape
    (by Anthony See, Founder, Food Market Hub)
  • How Shopping Malls Use Analytics To Make Data-Driven Decision
    (by Chan Zi-Yuan, Co-Founder, TIDE Analytics)
  • See all data science topics here.


The marketing track


Those involved in the marketing side of things would obviously be better off checking out the Marketing Track, which involves some pretty interesting topics, such as:


  • Role of SEO in A Data-Oriented World
    (by Reuben Ch’ng, Head of Marketing, LEAD)
  • Intelligent Analytics – Better Understand Your Customers
    (by Premnath, Performance Marketing Head at Havas Media Group)
  • Movement : Mapping Physical Retail Opportunities
    (by Karan Tyagi, CEO, PeoplExperience)
  • How to Use Micro-Influencer Marketing to Build E-Commerce Businesses From Ground
    (by Bryan Lau, Founder of Sherlock Lab)
  • How GoCar Creates A Better Company Using Data
    (by Ashley Chew, Head of Marketing of GoCar)
  • See all marketing topics here.


These are only a few of the topics that will be covered during the live event, highlighted here because they’re interesting to me personally. The full list of topics can be found over at their site and I hear they’re adding more!


Ticketing & Pricing


DM Summit Ticketing


D/M Summit’s lifetime pass won’t just give you lifetime access to all the videos – you’ll also get to download all the handouts, PDFs, slides, and anything the speakers deem fit to upload for the crowd.


To sweeten the deal, D/M summit will also furnish you with plenty of offers, discounts, freebies, and partner perks from the participating vendors during the event, not to mention endless networking opportunities.


For more information regarding this online event, check out D/M Summit’s FAQ page. Honestly, if I were you, I’d pick up the early bird ticket at only USD31.50 right now before the promo ends on 20th Sept and we’ll have to fork out USD48.60 for the lifetime pass.


Why we think You should attend


One thing I have to add – during Summits like these when there are 2 or more tracks, I find myself often torn. What if there are 2 speakers I wanted to watch, speaking simultaneously on different tracks?


Since D/M Summit is an online event, you’ll find that this issue is a…non-issue. Everything is recorded so you can access the videos at any point of time that’s convenient to you (provided you purchase the lifetime pass at only USD48.60 USD31.50 with the early bird special).


Plus, with 25 topics and a pretty impressive list of experienced speakers, USD 31.50 is a steal. The sort of insight you’ll get when you’re able to speak directly to the speakers is quite frankly, invaluable.


This event isn’t the first of its kind but for the price we’re paying, it’s pretty damn good value for money especially if it helps us grow our business.


See you guys online at the event, and don’t be shy, drop us a DM if you bump into us :)


* Early access price closes by 20th September



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