How To Add Google Analytics To Your WordPress

21/09/2018 by  Jason Chow  in WordPress

Google Analytics is a tool that many beginner bloggers, online store owners, and website owners tend to underutilize. In today’s digital age, data and information are absolutely essential if you want to have a successful website.   As a website owner, you should definitely have Google Analytics installed on your website. We’ve written a step-by-step […]

21 Must Have WordPress Plugins for an eCommerce Site

26/04/2018 by  Jason  in WordPress

WordPress has often been the platform of choice for many businesses looking to start building their own online store. Part of that is because of the extensive plugins that WordPress has to offer.   Whether you realize it or not, choosing the right eCommerce plugin for your WordPress website is absolutely crucial for your business […]

How To Migrate A WordPress Site From One Web Host To Another (The Easy Way)

22/06/2017 by  Ben Brown  in WordPress

Moving a WordPress site from one web host to another used to be a nightmare. Especially if you had little or no technical knowledge.   But migrating WordPress sites just got a little easier thanks to a plugin called Duplicator.   In this post, I’ll take you through the step-by-step process of moving your website […]

How To Add Live Chat Support Into Your WordPress

23/03/2017 by  Mustaasam Saleem  in WordPress

This is a guest post by Mustaasam Saleem from Cloudways.   Entering the new millennium, concepts of cloud and web applications have made the world of website development more efficient and effective. WordPress is by far one of the best CMS application in the world. Almost 27% of the sites over the Internet are designed […]

How To Install An Easy, Customizable Map On Your WordPress: Google Maps Widget Review

27/02/2017 by  Daren Low  in WordPress

If you’ve used our server speed checker recently, you might have noticed a cool new feature: the interactive server location map.   When you measure your server speed with Bitcatcha, we run tests from eight different locations around the world. It’s the only way we can ensure your site loads quickly from every part of […]

What are AMP Pages and How to Create One for Your WordPress Site

19/01/2017 by  Emin Sinanyan  in WordPress

This is a guest post by Emin Sinanyan from Amberd Design Studio.   The world is busier than ever and keeping up with the needs of your clients has become both easier and more difficult with the introduction of smartphones. They are great for reach, because it is simpler to engage people. However, smartphones do […]

Never Get Hacked Again: A Security Ninja Review

08/12/2016 by  Daren Low  in WordPress

Everyone remembers the first time they get hacked.   For me, it was a few years back. I loaded up one of my sites to see a pirate ship and bright neon text saying, “HaCKed bY piRateZ.”   I’m not the only one either. Approximately 30,000 websites are hacked every day. It costs businesses billions. […]

6 Ways To Increase the Maximum Upload File Size in WordPress

04/10/2016 by  Mustaasam Saleem  in WordPress

This is a guest post by Mustaasam Saleem from Cloudways.   When you have a WordPress website, you have to upload files every now and then to keep your site active and pretty. So you need to know that there is more than one way to upload your picture, theme, or any other content to […]

Joomla VS WordPress – Which Is The Best for Your Ecommerce Site? – An Interview with David Attard

13/05/2016 by  Candace Morehouse  in WordPress

You’ll find lots of articles about WordPress tips, tricks and techniques across the internet, but Joomla isn’t quite as popular. Yet, Joomla is still a very viable option for many websites.   In order to drill down on the differences between the two and why you would choose one over the other, we contacted David Attard, […]

WordPress Users, You Need These 11 Essential Plugins on Your New Site

24/08/2015 by  Daren Low  in WordPress

WordPress plugins are the addons and extras that turn your site into a powerful machine.   There are over 30,000 of them out there, each designed to make your site stronger, better equipped, and more profitable. They slot into your WordPress website to give you more flexibility and functionality.   This series of blogs is […]

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