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The Psychology of Gamification in 2016: Why It Works (& How To Do It!)

02/08/2016 by  Ben Brown  in Web Development

We all love Super Mario Bros, right? Or perhaps you’re more of a Candy Crush person…   But does gaming (or gamification) have a place in your business?     Well, if you ask Nike – whose fitness app is a masterpiece of gamification – the answer is a resounding yes.   Gamifiation has become a bit […]

5 Must-Have Website Components for E-Commerce Sites

14/07/2016 by  Fiona Sanguinetti  in Web Development

A strong online presence will help just about any business. But for an e-Commerce business, a well-thought out website is a necessity.   Your e-Commerce site is like a storefront. Your store may be full of all kinds of hidden and valuable treasures, but if it’s jumbled, cluttered, and dirty, few will be brave enough […]

Creative Ways To Find High Ranking and Converting Keywords

09/06/2016 by  Ben Brown  in Web Development

I used to throw keywords into my content as an afterthought.   My priority was just getting content out. I thought I would naturally start to rank on Google as my sites grew. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that.   Now I realise I was missing out on tons of traffic and customers.   When […]

7 Research-Proven Tips for Boosting Credibility on Your Website

27/05/2016 by  John Stevens  in Web Development

Many businesses eagerly obsess over things like generating traffic, boosting conversions or making their site look appealing, but very few actually consider the credibility of their website.   Does website credibility even matter? Apparently, it does. Research shows that 34% of consumers cite a store’s reputable brand name as their main reason for shopping with a […]

13 Website Goals To Set (and Smash) Before The End of 2016

20/05/2016 by  Daren Low  in Web Development

I’m obsessed with setting website goals. They keep me on track, and it’s the only way to grow a business.   Unfortunately, success doesn’t happen overnight. (If only it did!) Sometimes it seems like a successful new website or business pops up out of the blue, but that’s not how it really works.   Behind […]

15 Mobile Design Tips To Boost E-Commerce Sales

02/05/2016 by  Ben Brown  in Web Development

Did you know that 55% of all e-commerce traffic is now on a mobile device?   That’s right, more than half of all people who are looking at shopping sites are on their phone or tablet.   Yet, here’s the problem: 46% of the top 50 retailers still don’t have a responsive mobile site. So, […]

How To Build Your First Landing Page (+ 14 Tips To Optimize It For Conversions!)

07/04/2016 by  Daren Low  in Web Development

Landing pages. They’re an essential part of any good marketing campaign.   They boost conversions, increase sales, and encourage sign ups. Unfortunately, they’re slightly misunderstood and rarely optimized to their full capacity.   First of all, let’s answer the big question:   What’s A Landing Page?     A landing page is a custom web […]

How to Create a Content Marketing Plan for Your Fashion Brand

02/03/2016 by  James Johnson  in Web Development

Breaking into the fashion world can feel like a mammoth task, can’t it?   There are so many big players out there, with even bigger budgets. And you’ve got no idea how you’re even going to begin to compete with them.   But, here’s the beautiful thing about being a fashionista these days:   You […]

16 Mega-Tips For Increasing Your E-Commerce Conversion Rates

08/02/2016 by  Ben Brown  in Web Development

I’m fascinated by conversion rates.   Because you can boost your sales without spending a single penny on extra marketing.   Rather than chasing new customers, you can tighten up your site, and get more out of your existing traffic.   Wait, what are conversion rates?   Simple, it’s every time your customer clicks the […]

14 Lighting Tricks To Speed Up Your Website

31/12/2015 by  Daren Low  in Web Development

This blog series about website speed has been a fun ride.   So far, we’ve learnt that Amazon would lose $1.6 BILLION(!) if their website slowed down.   We’ve also learnt exactly what’s going on behind the scenes to cause website slowdown.   It brings us to our natural conclusion: how exactly can you speed […]

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