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How to Nurture e-Commerce Leads Without Being Too Pushy

22/03/2016 by  Sharon McElwee  in Sales Funnel

Customer relationships are fragile. Like planting a garden, you bury tons of seeds, water them with a little gift or attention, and hope they sprout.   Just as a tender seedling isn’t ready for the sun right away, potential customers may not be ready to buy your product. Yet.   Because we have something to […]

4 Reasons Your eCommerce Conversion Rates Are Low (And How to Fix It)

18/01/2016 by  Jorden Roper  in Sales Funnel

Let’s be honest. Making lots of money from an eCommerce shop isn’t easy.   Maybe you’re putting tons of effort into your shop but still can’t seem to make a sale.   It’s frustrating, and the harsh truth is this:   If your eCommerce store isn’t selling any products, not only are you missing out […]

How To Increase Your Sales By 30% With Clever Upselling

21/12/2015 by  Ben Brown  in Sales Funnel

You’ll hear the following phrase from me a lot:     That’s why I love upselling so much. You don’t need extra traffic. You don’t need a bigger marketing budget.   You’re just making more revenue per customer.   Amazon are the kings of upselling. In fact, they claim that 35% of their sales come […]

Use The Force: 7 Jedi Mind Tricks You Can Use On Your Website

10/12/2015 by  Ben Brown  in Sales Funnel

Guys, there’s a new Star Wars film coming out.   I’m excited.     And it got me thinking about Jedi mind tricks. Now, Obi-Wan Kenobi didn’t have have a website or an online store. But if he did, it would kick ass.   “These are exactly the droids you’re looking for…   And they […]

6 Ways to Get Your Website Ready for Holiday Traffic

09/11/2015 by  Candace Morehouse  in Sales Funnel

Did you know? Nearly half of the average retailer’s sales for the year occur in November and December. That same amount of consumers actually start their holiday shopping before Halloween, however. Is your company’s website ready to handle the extra load? Now is the time to ensure that everything is in place to attract the […]

Must. Click. Button! 7 Steps To Creating A Magnetic Call-To-Action Button (With Real Examples)

16/09/2015 by  Daren Low  in Sales Funnel

This series has been all about doubling your conversion rates.   And now, we’re at the most important part. After taking your customers on the perfect user journey, you’ve got them in the palm of your hand. There’s only one thing left for them to do:   Click the buy button.   It’s the simplest, […]

How To Create An Irresistible Lead Magnet That Boosts Email Signups

11/09/2015 by  Daren Low  in Sales Funnel

Did you know that 96% of people that land on your website aren’t ready to buy from you straight away?   There’s a long road from landing on a website to buying a product. But don’t worry. Those 96% are not all lost! You just need to work a little harder to convince them.   […]

Double Your Conversions Part 3: How To Build A Sales Funnel That Converts (& Plug The Leaks!)

07/09/2015 by  Daren Low  in Sales Funnel

Imagine taking every single visitor to your website and pouring them into a giant funnel.   Thousands of customers pouring into the top, and neatly out the bottom. Buying your product as they go.   Sounds like a perfect system doesn’t it? Well, that’s the plan anyway! In this series of posts, we’re looking at […]

Double Your Conversion Part 2: Lead Customers Right Where You Want Them With A User Journey Map

02/09/2015 by  Daren Low  in Sales Funnel

Thousands of your potential customers could be getting lost on your website. They’re going round and round in circles looking for information and answers.   This causes people to abandon your site, which slows down your conversion rates. What’s the answer? Create a simple user journey map that leads them straight to your holy grail […]

Double Your Conversions Part 1: Define Your Conversion Goals

28/08/2015 by  Daren Low  in Sales Funnel

In this five part guide, I’m going to help you double your conversion rates.   That’s twice as many sales. Twice as many email signups. Double your business.   Sound good?   Before we get stuck in, let’s go right back to basics.   What Is A Conversion?   A conversion is when your customer […]

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