The Eye-Opening Truth About Data-Driven Marketing

15/02/2018 by  Bitcatcha Guest  in Marketing

Customers want relevant, personalized messages in their inbox, and they won’t open, click or convert for anything less.   Because of the elevated need for personalization, marketers have to learn everything they can about their customers – and that means data collection.   But it doesn’t stop there. Once data is collected, it has to […]

Do You Need an Explainer Video for Your Entrepreneurial Venture?

06/12/2017 by  Jeff Richardson  in Marketing

This is a guest post by Jeff Richardson from   Despite its popularity, an explainer video isn’t a tool that everyone can take advantage of. Entrepreneurship is tough — you have to stay ahead of the competition. Explainer videos are an effective tool for standing out from the competition by being that one person […]

5 Effective Ways to Increase Online Customer Retention

13/09/2017 by  Candace Morehouse  in Marketing

If you’re thirsty for a glass of milk, would you rather go to the store and buy a gallon, or open one that’s already waiting in your refrigerator? Naturally, you’d go for the one in your fridge first, before it spoils. But when it comes to online businesses, some owners don’t quite seem to grasp […]

17 Businesses That Are Cashing In On Pokemon Go (& How You Can Too)

02/09/2016 by  Ben Brown  in Marketing

Pokemon Go is a bonafide phenomenon. It topped the ‘highest grossing’ app chart in the US App Store in just a few days, before going on to launch in 69 countries (and counting).   Here are just a few more crazy statistics:     … And four weeks of my life I’ll never get back. […]

How NOT To Run a Blog: 27 Experts Reveal Their Biggest Mistakes

06/07/2016 by  Daren Low  in Marketing

  Some of the biggest companies on the planet have grown out of mistakes.   Mark Zuckerberg famously said, “the majority of what I’ve done has been mistakes. Unless you’re breaking stuff, you’re not moving fast enough”.   Mistakes are great so long as you learn from them. It helps you understand how and why […]

Intro to Mobile Marketing: An Untapped World Of Potential

22/06/2016 by  Daren Low  in Marketing

How often do you look at your smartphone every day?   Research shows that most of us spend more than 90 minutes a day on our phones. Over the course of a year, that’s an average of 23 full days spent staring at a phone screen.   If you’re a young adult that figure leaps […]

10 Smart Ways To Inexpensively Market Your E-Commerce Business

18/05/2016 by  Susan Payton  in Marketing

It seems like every day, a new e-commerce store (or 20) pops up online, creating even more competition for existing stores. But despite the ever-increasing number of competitors, the fact that e-commerce retail sales are supposed to hit $414 million by 2018 should tell you that there’s plenty of market share to divide.   Still, […]

Why the Packaging of Your Products Matters

12/04/2016 by  Fiona Sanguinetti  in Marketing

It’s hard to relive your childhood. But there’s something about getting a package delivered to your doorstep that can almost take you back. Most of us can recall the excitement and giddiness that accompanied tearing open a present on our birthday or Christmas morning when we were little.   But how do you get your […]

17 Facebook Ad Tricks That Actually Boost Sales!

29/03/2016 by  Ben Brown  in Marketing

Are you using Facebook adverts?   They’re a fantastic way for online shop owners to get their products in front of a bigger audience. Most importantly, they get your products in front of the right audience.   For ecommerce owners, Facebook gives you an easy way to target a very specific customer, and drive them […]

7 Things You’re Not Doing (But Should) to Market Your Online Store in the Real World

07/03/2016 by  Susan Payton  in Marketing

There’s an incredible amount of content out there telling you how to promote your ecommerce store online, but there’s less about how to market it offline. And the fact is: you need both. The more places you’re marketing your business, the more business you’ll get!   If you’re not using any and all of the […]

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