The 7 Essentials for a Profitable Blog

24/01/2018 by  Jeff Broth  in Blogging

This is a guest post by Jeff Broth.   Everybody’s doing it, but few make a profit.   Business blogs contribute to the overall reputation and sales the company makes, so are worthwhile. Blogging otherwise is notoriously unprofitable.   Any blog must have seven things in place before launching:       1. A Good […]

Actually Making Money From Your Blog – Here’s How

10/07/2017 by  Niraj Ranjan  in Blogging

This is a guest post by Niraj from Hiver.     Remember those shady messages that made you almost believe that making money from the internet was nothing but a big scam? Over the course of time, this myth has been busted with more and more people turning into full-time bloggers, many of whom have […]